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Nightwing (Volume 2)

Starring: Dick Grayson as Nightwing.


Following his solo starring roles in Nightwing: Alfred's Return and the September Nightwing 1995 mini series launched after Grayson's turn under the Batman cowl in Batman: Prodigal , Dick Grayson was rewarded for years of heroic service with his own ongoing series, written by Chuck Dixon and with art by Scott McDaniel. Setting up camp in Bludhaven, a city close to his Gotham City home and twice as corrupt, Nightwing quickly acquired quite a rogues gallery. From underworld boss Blockbuster to the acrobatic Lady Vic to the twisted former cop Torque, Nightwing battled his way to respect in his new town, and the fans took notice.   

A hit from the start, Nightwing lasted 153 regular issues, a 0 issue and a 1000000 issue, 2 annuals (see Nightwing Annual) and a special 0.5 issue from Wizard magazine. During this series were also published the specials Nightwing 80 page Giant, Nightwing: The Target and Nightwing Secret Files & Origins, Nightwing: Our World's At War, Nightwing and Huntress and Batman/Nightwing: Bloodborne.

This series has been collected in the following trade paperbacks:

Note: Issues #23, 40, 51, 61-64, 67, 70-95, 99-100, and 1,000,000 are not collected.

For volume 3, refer to Nightwing

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