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The explosive new miniseries continues! The contest has begun, as archers from around the globe convene at a posh Chinese estate. Connor Hawke, son of Green Arrow, has come to test his mettle against the world's best. But when the dangerous Shado appears, can death be far behind?


Zhao welcomes the gathered archers from around the world to the tournament. He gives a long speech about honor history ect. Eddie and Brandy decide to have a drink together after Eddied asks if Crowfoot as a big an A-hole as he seems. Meanwhile Libby tries to talk with connor as he goes off to meet with Shado. He witnesses her killing a trailing archer. Then wakes up back in his room with Eddie they talk about what Shado being here means.

Eddie stood up Brandy and she is confronted by crawfoot. They have an argument and he gets a black eye. The prelims are up and everyone passes, Shado is watched closely by Connor who gets advice from master Kishu, ignoring Libby again. She storm off and gets hit on by Crawfoot. She clearly despises him as well and walks away from him but not before he notes that she’s not even a blimp on Connor’s radar.

That night Shado and connor meet up, he accuses her of making his dad a killer she explains the history of the situation. She then warns him the tournament is not what it seems. Right then they are attacked and she is injured. Connor defeats their assailants and runs off with the injured Shado.

Kishu confronts Zhao. He reveals parts of the prophecy he neglected to mention, the archer of legend was a kyudo master much like himself and connor. He dispatches Hoon with ease and also reveal he was not actually invited to the tournament. Once he has made his point then leaves.

At the hospital Connor speaks with a recovering Shado about why she is there. She reveals she hoped to see his dad and warn him the danger their son was in.

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