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Dc comics list of top martial artists. Listen people this is my opinion and still the top rated martial artist list on comicvine so if you don't like it. BITE ME!

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Posted by krazyKarima

I disagree with a few of these but its pretty good

Posted by Ryonslaught
@krazyKarima: Thanks k  ;)
i tried to separate them into tiers based on wins and observations and of course reading about them whether online or through my own collection.
Posted by krazyKarima
I'm most impressed that you included the circle of six on the list + you updated their pages pretty darn well too, kudos
Posted by Ryonslaught
@krazyKarima: Thanks again, updating those pages was imperative as was getting a picture of kitty kumbata who while underused i just love lol. Ive done a wealth of updates so just check them out and let me know, feedback is always great.
Posted by krazyKarima

i'll do that, cheers
Posted by rcrd
Man that list is almost perfect, just that to me cheshire would be further up on the list, after all she is the second deadliest woman on earth behind shiva! 
keep up the damn good work man!
Posted by krazyKarima
I second that one
Edited by vuviper

I wish I could find the richard dragon series, both of them I guess, so I could read up on these characters
Oh and what makes you put Black canary above Batman?

Posted by Ryonslaught
@vuviper:  Well V i think you can find the most recent series on amazon, hell thats where i got mine. hope this helps
Posted by krazyKarima

Hey Onslaught, this list grows on me the more i check it has the who's who of martial arts in dc right now, i love it! 

oh and thanks for the quck read of the richard dragon series i'm kinda digging kitty kumbata and wam wam right now  :)

Posted by rcrd

man there is no way Wrath should be on a list entitled "best fighters"
Posted by vuviper
@rcrd said:
" man there is no way Wrath should be on a list entitled "best fighters" "
Why not?
Edited by Ryonslaught
I think he's referring to the fact that Bruce has improved a lot since wrath took him on years ago....
rcrd? care to elaborate?
Posted by markky_frass

nice list

Posted by AntiHeroMofo

Man, I wish Huntress was higher on the list...I luv her!
Edited by Ryonslaught
@AntiHeroMofo: LOL
I wish she was higher too, i have a thing for lil ms bertinelli!
She'll prolly move at least two places up but she cant rise much more
Posted by fanboy

nice but why is batman #6

Posted by Ryonslaught
@fanboy:  thanks
He's number 6 because everyone above him in my humble opinion could take him in a fight
Posted by krazyKarima

I would put batman under connor personally but lists are based on personal opinion

Posted by Karima Woosan

Beautiful list

Posted by Taylove

14. Deathstroke     Wow I Can't see no one on this list in a 1 on 1  figh    who can take him out.
Posted by Illyana Rasputin

I love me some Tommy Jaggar!

Posted by Ryonslaught
@Illyana Rasputin:  he is such a badass!!
Posted by Slayer_Angella

Closest thing I've seen to an officail listing with evidence included on the placements. Nice

Posted by Morning_Dew

Banned for not having lady shiva #1 ;)

Posted by Rasta_hero

this includes everyone, good job

Posted by fanboy

bad ass

Posted by Saint-of-Arrakis

DC should do a comic with all these fighters in a big fighting tournament!
Good list!

Posted by Strafe Prower
I would put katana up higher on the list. She has stalemated Shiva, Deathstroke, Rah's Al Ghul and Jean Paul Valley. I don't see why you would put her under say Huntress or Tim Drake.
Posted by Strafe Prower
I meant Bane not Tim Drake lol.
Posted by blade hunter

Tim Drake Should be above green arrow

Posted by imaginaryman

why isn't ra's al ghul in this list , he's at least top ten , coz he stalemates with batman on almost all occasions

Posted by Darth-Spidey

It's an excellent list.  Don't agree with the ENTIRE order, but that's OK.  One thing though, it's lack of Thomas Wayne Jr. is disturbing.

Posted by imrigone

great list!

Posted by saiyan_earthling

This is awesome. It was this list that got me into reading Richard Dragon comics into seeing if the fact that he's highly good is true, and I gotta tell ya, I loved the comics of him. RD's very good, and so is Bronze Tiger and Lady Shiva. Bruce Wayne's cool to train with RD as well.
Yo Ryon, do you know any comics or issues that focus a lot on Cassie Cain? I wanna read them.

Posted by Ryonslaught
@saiyan_earthling: That's great man! :)
If you want good Cassandra cain you must get the back issues of her run as batgirl....I think it's vol.1 it is hands down the best you can do for just pure cassie awesomeness!
Posted by TimDrakeRedRobin

you put tim as number 47...and yet huntress is 39 and king snake (the person who he "took to school") is 38. i think the people tim can beat should be ranked lower than him yes? and how are you gonna put tim all the way down there and yet have jason todd and greyson up at the 20's, greyson is better than tim, yes, but jason only barly beat tim both times and both were through cheap tactics and jason was getting his ass kicked before he used them (and tim was fighting with no prep both times and still was beatng jason up). i think you underestimate tims skills my friend =) but hey, its your list
Posted by TimDrakeRedRobin

and the wanderer is right underneith tim even though tim knocked her on her ass with one punch and she didnt touch him the entire fight

Posted by Ryonslaught
@TimDrakeRedRobin: so your saying a defeat = the victor is more skilled than the defeated? I'm looking at skill in terms of strength athleticism feats etc combined with stuff like experience.
if it was all about victory Batman and Cassandra would be 1 and two...hell even Connor would be next since he's a tie with Shiva and dragon etc etc
Edited by arrowfan237

Not bad. You gave me a lot of ideas for my list.
Posted by Mr_Wayne69

Yeah I'm late but with all the stuff Bruce has been through lately, he deserves the #5 spot @ the very least.
Posted by Mr_Wayne69

Bronze Tiger #5 now?! Stop the madness!

Edited by batman_is_god

I know for a fact BATMAN can beat Richard Dragon, Cassandra Cain, and Lady Shiva. The Sensei should be pretty high on this list, especially since he is the only guy that can beat BATMAN in martial arts.  I am guessing you are a girl? 
What makes you convinced Cassanda Cain is THAT GOOD? I'm sorry, she's good, but definitely not that good.
Posted by Mr_Wayne69

Yeah I'm glad he's not #1. This coming from a huge Batman fan. His place on the list is great. I'm glad you fixed the Bronze Tiger placement also. But after all the things Bruce has been through lately, I think he's @ least 5.

Posted by KingsCastle

Man this list is awesome. DC Martial Artists Rule!!!

Posted by darkxman123

i dont have a bat god complex but still he should be top

Posted by Mr_Wayne69
@darkxman123 said:
" i dont have a bat god complex but still he should be top "
He is top. 6 is a fantastic spot to be @. Do you people not realize this? Those other characters above him have proven to be fantastic fighters! Even more so than Bruce who leans more on his other skills to boost a victory. I'd argue that Cass Cain is actually a tie with Bruce but in a few years her pure Martial Arts prowess will be above Bruce's (if not already). Add on the fact that Bruce won't kill and the rest of the people above him have or will, then people should definitely understand why. Bruce fights to neutralize his opponents. The ones above him fight to destroy, permanently cripple, or kill their opponents.
Posted by Ryonslaught
@Mr_Wayne69: Finally the lone voice of reason! I salute you for understanding exactly why Bruce is #6
Posted by Mr_Wayne69
@Ryonslaught:  Oh yeah, man. All day!
Posted by Mr_Wayne69

Where would you rank Jiro aka "Batman Japan"?

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