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Stephanie as Batgirl and as Robin

Stephanie Brown was the 6th Batgirl.

Stephanie was also the 4th Robin.

Disambiguation Notes:

  • Pre-New 52: In pre-New 52 continuity, Stephanie is currently still Batgirl. In the upcoming Multiversity crossover, her pre-New 52 Batgirl incarnation makes a return appearance.
  • The New 52: primarily in the Batman Eternal storyline, she's back to being Spoiler, with Barbara Gordon being Batgirl.
  • Future's End: In the New 52's Future's End storyline, she's been introduced as Batgirl also, a member of the League of Batgirls.


Young Stephanie

Stephanie Brown is the daughter of the C-list Batman villain, the Cluemaster, who spent most of Stephanie’s early childhood in jail, away from Gotham City.

On return to the city she finds her father back to his old tricks, except he no longer feels the need to leave clues behind. In an attempt to try and stop her father she created a costume of her own and began to call herself the “Spoiler”.

She had discovered her father’s plans and locations and decided to leave clues in an attempt to have him caught by Batman and Robin.

Despite being new to the world of capes, she is able to get by through her enthusiasm and dedication. When Robin eventually finds the Cluemaster, Spoiler joins in to capture him.

Every time her father escaped, Stephanie would don her costume and go out to stop him.




When Cluemaster broke out of prison, along with Czonk and the Electrocutioner. Stephanie learned of the breakout on the news. Her mother, suffering from depression, was struggling with an addiction to painkillers. Steph decided to don her Spoiler outfit and go after her dad. She ran into Robin, and he let her work with him, although they got separated. Spoiler helped Robin out and he gave her a kiss in thanks. Before she could find out if she would see him again, the police arrived and they had to part ways.

Stephanie was kidnapped shortly thereafter by the Gully Carson gang, working with Cluemaster, who was still behind bars. Cluemaster got the idea to use her as insurance, but when the Carson gang withheld his part of the cut, he contacted Batman and Robin and told them that he had been forced to orchestrate their schemes because they were holding his daughter. Batman located the Carson's lair and Robin freed Stephanie. She insisted on getting her costume and going with him to bring down the rest of the gang--against Batman's objection. They were successful, and Stephanie decided to pay her dad a little visit in prison. She also made her attraction to the Boy Wonder very clear.


Spoiler is born

Eventually Stephanie realized she enjoyed being a superhero so much she continued on a regular basis. Despite her help, both Robin and Batman try to dissuade her from future pursuits, though that does not stop her from patrolling the streets at night, mostly with Robin. She began to regularly patrol the city with Robin, and began to develop a crush on him. The two of them would continue working together and they would eventually fall in love. The two form a relationship and eventually become romantically involved despite Stephanie being pregnant with her old boyfriend's child who had ran away from Gotham after the earthquake. However, Robin was always there for Stephanie, even taking her to Lamaze classes under a false identity. She still did not know his true identity because Batman forbid Tim from revealing his identity to Stephanie.

Stephanie pregnant

Later, Robin would leave for boarding school but he would eventually return when Stephanie gave birth. Stephanie decided, against her initial thoughts, to give the baby up for adoption without ever seeing her. Tim’s father returned him to boarding school, but Tim and Stephanie continued their relationship. However, it put more strain on their relationship because it was long distance and Stephanie still did not know his true identity. Later, Batman, who was worried about Robin, came to her, told him his identity and said she should join them. Tim was angry at Batman and ran off. Stephanie and Tim later got together again and were happy.

Spoiler and the Boy Wonder

Stephanie and Robin shares a Kiss

Stephanie next bumped into Robin when he teamed up with the Green Arrow (Connor Hawke) to take down a street gang selling guns. She told him that she didn't think it was fair that he got to have all the fun, so she was going to become the Spoiler more often. She insisted on coming with the two of them as they took down the gang, flirting with Robin as usual. There was no time for that, however, when they went after the real leaders of the gang the following night, as Robin was enraged over the death of a fellow student, Karl Ranck. Steph went to the funeral, unaware that Robin was there (with his girlfriend) in his civilian identity. That night, Spoiler met up with Robin, telling him that she was going to be Spoiler more often, and would help him go against the boy who shot Ranck. They were in over their heads however, but thankfully Batman turned up, saved their necks and ordered Stephanie to go home.

During a point in which Robin and his current girlfriend, Ariana, were unable to see each other, him and Stephanie grew even closer. He soon came to realize that his feelings for Stephanie had grown into something more and, after breaking up with Ariana, began dating Stephanie. Unfortunately, because he needed to maintain the Batman Family secrecy, Robin was unable to reveal his true identity to Spoiler. At first, she seemed more than happy with this arrangement.

Unfortunately for Stephanie, she found out she was pregnant from an ex-boyfriend who had left Gotham City during the Cataclysm. Tim, in his cover identity Alvin Draper, took Stephanie to Lamaze classes, and the two became even closer. Unfortunately, Robin was moved temporarily to Keystone City during the last few months of her pregnancy. However, he returned to her when she was giving birth. With Tim's help, she was able to deal with giving her child up for adoption. Although a painful experience, she felt it best to give her daughter a chance at a better life.

Soon afterwards, Tim was sent away to boarding school by his father, and the two were forced into a long distance relationship, made even more complicated by the fact she still didn't know his real name. During his time away, Robin became friends with a girl named Star. One night, after seeing her go into an alley with some suspicious-looking people, Robin decided to follow her in costume. He ran into Stephanie, also on patrol, and she followed him as he tracked down Star to a gang meeting that erupted in a violent shootout. He managed to save Star, but Stephanie became convinced that he was cheating on her, and refused to see him for a time.

Shortly after this, Robin disappeared from Gotham for several days (he was off in Tibet on a secret mission), and in his absence Spoiler realized that she still wanted to be with him. Batman approached Spoiler and offered to train her. He also told her Tim's real name, and this betrayal drove a wedge in between him and Robin for awhile, as well as causing trouble for Stephanie and Tim. Spoiler began to train with Batman, and also the Birds of Prey (although they were a bit more reluctant). Stephanie also began a friendship with Batgirl Cassandra Cain who helped train her in-exchange for reading lessons.

Stephanie and Tim, as she now knew him, reconciled. Even after Batman - having decided that she wasn't really hero material - told her to hang up her costume and the Birds stopped mentoring her, she still patrolled with Robin, as well as went on regular dates. When the US Government came to Stephanie and her mother, and told her that the Cluemaster had died in service of his country in the Suicide Squad, Stephanie was shocked. She cut off ties with Tim and went on a crime-fighting rampage, hunting down the Riddler, her father's former associate, to try to get a better idea of who he had been in life. Eventually, she made peace with his memory, and she and Tim rekindled their relationship (It was later revealed after Stephanie's "death" that Arthur Brown had indeed survived, though it remains unknown if she knows that he is alive, or he her).

Stephanie has also revealed that when she was a child, her babysitter had attempted to rape her. This man died of an apparent drug overdose eight days after she told her father what had happened. Whether or not he had killed him was one of the questions she had to resign herself to never being able to answer.

Spoiler and Batgirl

Spoiler and Cassandra Cain

Like all of Cassandra Cain's relationships, her friendship with Stephanie was unique. Cassandra, being illiterate, needed Stephanie's help to read a ransom note. After seeing Batgirl's incredible techniques, Spoiler asked her to train her. This provided Cassandra with a friend, something she had never had before. When Cassandra fought Lady Shiva to near-death, Spoiler rescued a hostage held by a worshiper of Shiva who demanded to see Batgirl. Stephanie and Cassandra were later playing rooftop "tag" when they found a group of hostages, and after risking her life, Casandra knocked Stephanie out. Stephanie knew that Cassandra thought that she was incompetent, like Batman did, and left angrily with a broken friendship that would not be repaired until days before Stephanie's "death" by the Black Mask.

Spoiler and Robin

After Robin returned and followed someone in costume, he ran into Spoiler and she tagged along with him. Robin saves this girl from gunfire and Spoiler thinks Robin was cheating on her and did not speak to him afterwards. Later, while Robin went on a mission in Tibet, Spoiler begins to miss Tim and decided that she still wanted to be with him. Batman offers to train Spoiler and tells Robin’s real name to her. Spoiler also received training from Batgirl and the Birds of Prey. When Tim returned, the couple reconciled and continued their relationship. Batman decided that she was not cut out for his hero business and told her to hang up her costume. He also told the Birds of Prey and Batgirl to stop training her, but Stephanie continued to patrol the city with Robin. Later the government would inform Stephanie and her mother that her father Cluemaster had died for his country. She decided to stop talking to Tim and obsessed over crime fighting, tracking down any villains that had connections with her father. Eventually she would reconcile with Tim.


Stephanie becames Robin

During one of Robin’s battle with a hitman, Stephanie was badly injured in the process, and Tim took full responsibility for letting that happen to Stephanie. He became depressed and questioned himself. Eventually Stephanie would snap Tim out of his condition. After Tim’s father found out he was Robin, Tim was forced to quit. Stephanie then created her own Robin suit and snuck into the Batcave. She asked Batman to let her be the new Robin, which Batman accepts, and puts her through intense and rigorous training. Once she finished her training, she began patrolling with Batman.

Stephanie disobeyed an order of Batman's and was fired as Robin and Spoiler. Stephanie decided to steal one of Batman’s plans that would deal with the entire Gotham criminal underworld at once in order to prove that she is a hero.

Death of Stephanie

Since the plan also involved Matches Malone, which is another one of Bruce’s alter-ego in order to infiltrate the criminal underworld, Stephanie caused disaster and triggered a citywide gang war. While this was all happening, Stephanie was kidnapped by the Black Mask and tortured for information on Batman. Stephanie was able to escape and barely made it to a hospital. She eventually died because of too many serious wounds, Batman stayed by her side until her death, comforting her by telling her she was the real Robin. Later it was revealed that Dr. Leslie Thompkins had the ability to save Stephanie’s life but refused to do so, she did this to send a warning to all of Gotham’s youth that vigilantism will lead to death.

Spoiler's Back

Revealed alive

In Gotham Underground there is a girl who is spying on Robin, dressed up as Spoiler. She later confronts Robin and teams up with him alongside a new vigilante named Violet. After a few team-ups he tells her she can't dress up as the Spoiler anymore, but she takes off her mask to reveal that she is actually Stephanie Brown. Stephanie tells him that she never died and Leslie Thompkins faked her death, switching the body with a woman who overdosed. She was in Africa the whole time with Leslie doing volunteer work until an attack from a local witch hunting tribe on the camp forced her to confront her feelings and return to Gotham. She told her mother, with the help of Tim, that she was alive. Stephanie attends high school with Tim and is his partner against crime.


Taking Batgirl mantle

Making a deal with her mother, Stephanie Brown decided to have one last outing as Spoiler. Yet after the events of Batman R.I.P. Stephanie took the mantle as Batgirl. Cassandra gave Stephanie her costume after they took down a group of thugs at the docks. She has become disillusioned after Bruce Wayne's apparent death, and decided to leave while Stephanie was talking to her only to find her cowl. While juggling college and super-hero work. Stephanie catches the eyes of Batman and Robin as well as Oracle. Soon Dick figures out Batgirl is not Cassandra and soon Barbara Gordon/Oracle figures it out as well. Stephanie is then confronted by Gordon, who reveals she is aware of her activities. Note - Stephanie gave up being Spoiler not Batgirl.

Taking the mantle of Batgirl did not feel like it was a big deal for Stephanie, but then the original Batgirl felt she had to give her an ultimatum. Demanding Stephanie Brown give up the Batgirl mantle or Barbara would have no choice but to tell Mother Brown of her daughters true adventures at bed-time. Upset by the words coming out her possible mentors mouth, Stephanie could not help but ignore Barbara and returned to her adventures as Batgirl. Turns out the weird events involving a drug called Thrill, which makes the heart rate of the victim soar to high levels, came from the ring-leader - Scarecrow! The first rogue Stephanie Brown also known as the Batgirl must soon confront.

With Oracle monitoring her from the Batcave, Steph is able to overcome the Scarecrow's fear toxins and defeat him. Afterward, Oracle gives an all new suit to Stephanie, becoming her own Batgirl. The suit is wired so Oracle can monitor her vital stats and has a few surprises, including being shock absorbent (which she discovered battling Livewire).

But just because the former Batgirl approves of Steph being Batgirl doesn't mean that the other Bat in town approves. After a battle with Diesel, Steph accidentally freezes Damian (the current Robin). Dick Grayson, who is currently acting as Batman, tells Barbara to shut down their operation. Damian also does not approve of Stephanie (although he approves of very little) and seems to have a certain fascination with what motivates Stephanie.

After being nearly killed by the kidnappers of her friend and fellow Gotham University student Francisco Gracia, son of Gotham developer Stefano Gracia, Stephanie decides she must find what happened to him. After another scuffle with Damian, they are both kicked off the case by Batman. Naturally, this does not stop them and they soon learn that it is up to them to save Batman from one of Roulette's games.

Road Home: Batgirl

Stephanie and Robin

During the events of Bruce's return in the Road Home Stephanie became one (of many) whom was in Bruce's test. Bruce wanted to test Stephanie to see if she was qualified to help him in a new team called,Batman INC. To see if she was qualified, Bruce used his persona called, The Insider. With this identity, he has Amazo like powers which give him different abilities in the field of battle. Bruce robbed Wayne Enterprise to draw Stephanie Brown into combat with him. Stephanie was a good fighter, however she was no match for Bruce Wayne. Back at Barbara Gordon's office, Barbara told Stephanie that this new criminal was way out of Stephanie's league and that she would get Dick Grayson or Tim Drake to fight this new villain. Stephanie promised to not confront him, but she had her fingers crossed behind her back and was going to encounter Insider anyway. Stephanie doesn't use her uniform because she knows that Oracle can track her in it and uses some street clothes with a purple mask. When she unexpectedly runs into some pity thugs, she takes these threats down with ease. She knows that the Insider wouldn't work with c-list villains and leaves quickly. Unknown to her, Bruce was watching her while she fought and stopped a criminal by punching him in the face before he could shoot Stephanie.

Stephanie and Tim

When Stephanie found out that Insider was trying to kill the mayor, she quickly stopped this. However, Bruce revealed himself to be the Insider and Stephanie greeted him by slapping him in the face! She said that she was glad to see that he wasn't dead and ran away. Later on that night, Bruce told Stephanie that she had proved herself and is qualified to help him in later days. When Bruce was talking with Alfred in Crime Alley, Alfred stated that Bruce hasn't been looking for Cassandra Cain, however Bruce already knew where Cassandra was and also told Alfred that Tim Drake has been communicating with her for a long time. In the end, Bruce comments in the White Case Book about Stephanie Brown's activity in the field of battle.

Brightest Day

Steph as Batgirl

Calculator uses hypnosis through mobile phones and computer screens to take control of students in the Computer Science Lab of Gotham University during Barbara Gordon's speech. Barbara tells Stephanie Brown to get out of the room so that she can save Barb later. One half of the zombie audience takes Barb to Calculator's hideout while the rest go after Batgirl. At Calculator's compound which is located in Slaughter Swamp, Barbara is seen fastened to an examination table, with the Calculator alongside her. He talks to Oracle while caring a conversation with his late son Marvin's corpse. Calculator wants Barbara to answer some of his unanswered questions, Calculator then plugs himself into his own laboratory equipment which is connected to Barbara's mind. Calculator intends to break through Oracle's neural barriers in order to see and read through Barb's thoughts.

Barbara however, refuses to give into Calculator's intrusions without a fight. Barbara enters a cybernetic dream state where she battles Calculator in a library that houses Barbara's memories and experiences. Barb battles Calculator and they both fall into another dream state where Calculator's younger self is imprisoned in a cage. Barb tries to help the child like Calculator but suddenly she is attacked from behind by Calculator's adult form. He blames Oracle for turning his daughter Wendy Harris against him but Oracle doesn't give into Calculator's guilt trip. Their constant struggle causes them to plunge further into Calculator's psyche where Barb witnesses Calculator's morbid memory of when his wife had taken her own life. Barb tries to escape Calculator's mind but she is immediately brought to a dream where Calculator is beating Kid Eternity to a bloody pulp.

Meanwhile, at the Gotham Wharf, Stephanie Brown aka Batgirl has evaded a mass of Calculator's mind controlled zombies but then she is attacked by Man-Bat who is also under Calculator’s control by via sonar. Stephanie manages to outrun Man Bat thanks to Proxy aka Wendy Harris, who pilots a getaway plane. Stephanie and Wendy use Barb's tracking signal to locate Calculator's lair. With Wendy's help, Stephanie manages to get through Calculator's technological defense measures. After getting pass the security system, Stephanie finds Marvin's corpse and the machine that is controlling the zombies. She uses her grappling gun to remove the CPU from the machine. The zombies are freed from Calculator's control but Stephanie rash action activates a cybernetic monster that goes after her. Luckily, Wendy charges her plane right into the monster thus destroying it. Stephanie and Wendy sever Calculator's connection to Oracle and Stephanie takes Calculator to the new Arkham Asylum.

The New 52

New 52 Spoiler

Stephanie appeared the New 52 in Batman #28 - Gotham Eternal, later appearing in the pages of Batman Eternal, where she struggles with the fact that her father is the villain, Cluemaster.

Stephanie thinks she can trust her mother, but she is secretly on Cluemaster's side, leading to him attempting to have her killed numerous times after she find out his identity and plans. Stephanie posts articles online about her father's plans, which initially, no one cares about due to the gang war going on in Gotham at the time.

Future's End

Future End´s Batgirls

Stephanie, Tifanny Fox and Cassandra joins Barbara Gordon as The Batgirls during the Future´s End Storyline.


Convergence: Batgirl

The pre-New 52 Stephanie returns as Batgirl, alongside Black Bat and Red Robin.


Stephanie Brown
  • Height: 5"5
  • Weight: 110 lbs (50 kg)
  • Eye Color: Blue- Green
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Citizenship: American
  • Place of Birth: Gotham City, America
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Education: High School graduate, College incomplete (in progress)
  • Occupation: Adventurer, College Student, Vigilante
  • Known Relatives:Arthur Brown a.k.a. Cluemaster (father), Crystal Brown (mother), Dave Bellinger (maternal uncle), name Unknown (daughter), Dean (ex-boyfriend, father of her daughter)

Powers and Abilities

Stephanie in Action

For years Stephanie fought crime without any advanced equipment or martial arts training. Stephanie is armed only with her martial arts and gymnastic skills. She once beat a Prudence, who had a gun, easily, even though Prudence was trained by the League of Assassins. She has handled Superboy himself and many tough foes. She is skilled at handling a motorcycle, grappling hook and various gadgets. Has some minor training in various forensics and detective skills. She received erratic training under Robin III, Batgirl II, Oracle, Black Canary and Batman. Batman has trained her in escapology and stealth. She has shown to use investigation skills to find out some of Batman's secrets. Stephanie received training from Barbara Gordon on computer and security hacking. For a significant time as Spoiler, she operated by herself and took down her criminal father a couple times.

Equipment: Robin gave her weapons such as smoke bombs to use when he could, and later when she got friendlier with Batman, she was able to secure the whole Bat-arsenal, including a Kevlar costume. The costume is insulated against fire, projectile and electric attacks. Her cowl maintains contact with Barbara Gordon and monitors her vital signs.

Invisibility: She possessed technology that lets her turn invisible, but she abandoned or lost it when she took up the Batgirl identity.


Batman: Li'l Gotham

Li´l Steph and Tim

Stephanie, as spoiler, is one of the many bat-related character to appear in the comic.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Batgirls in Batman: The Brave and the Bold

An alternate version of Stephanie appeared in one issue as a Robin from a future timeline. She later reappeared in the same issue as the Batgirl from a future timeline, alongside Cassandra Cain and Bette Kane.

Tiny Titans

Tiny Titans Batgirls

A toddle version of Stephanie appeared in several issues. She was a close friend of Cassandra Cain and Carrie Kelly.

World Without Young Justice

World Without Young Justice

In the alternate World Without Young Justice timeline, Stephanie was Robin instead of Tim Drake.

Justice Society of America

Grown up Stephanie

She appeared in issue #39, 20 years later and with Mr. Terrific, Tim Drake and others heroes help JSA to stop the Nazis.

Other Media


Young Justice: Invasion

Stephanie in Young Justice: Invasion

Stephanie makes a cameo appearance in the episode "Before The Dawn". She is seen as one of the captive teens that Tigress is sending to the Reach, a group which Robin, Bumblebee, and Batgirl infiltrate. Stephanie and the other children are saved by the Team after a battle against Black Beetle. She was voiced by Mae Whitman.

Video Games

Lego Batman

Lego Batman

In the video game LEGO Batman using Lego pieces a player can create Spoiler in the character creation feature of the game.

Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

Spoiler in Lego Batman 3

Spoiler is a playable charcter as a DLC character.

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