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The explosive miniseries continues! The world's greatest archers are being murdered one by one. Can Connor find the killer or will he be the next to die?


An archer is killed as the story begins. Connor is the revealed as 1 of six to make the finals. Eddie and Brandy continue to grow close . Connor and Libby hook up at the bar and she makes plans to sleep with him. In his room shado turns up to protect him. They share a kiss right as an injured Libby comes in and dies, an arrow sticking out of her back. He recognizes it and takes off as Shado calls out to him.

He attacks Crowfoot but Shado reveals that the arrow was stolen by the real killer and many of each of their arrows have gone missing. They decide to check on the only person who would cheat to win. The Bamboo Monkey.

They track him down and when connor finds him he shoots him in the arm. Monkey pleads that he is innocent in this act and that he knows who is really behind this. Before he can reveal it however he gets killed by three arrows to the chest. Ninjas rush across the roof as connor shoots one in the leg and Shado kills the rest. They realize the enemy ahs no ties to any of them, Crowfoot realizes he is out of his league. Right then arrows descend upon them like rain. They don’t get time to breath as the ninjas are upon them

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