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What does the fate of Rann have to do with a prophecy of universal armageddon? In order to uncover the answers, Adam and The Omega Men must confront the ruthless interstellar law enforcement agency L.E.G.I.O.N.!                                    

Artin is reading the mystery device’s data logs and states that it’s an Omega Beam. Adam knows that this beam is more powerful than the Zeta Beam. The Omega Beam is capable of transporting whole solar systems. If the Omega Beam was configured to not re-convert the transported solar systems back to their physical states because the transportation changes the solar systems into energy, then this device could destroy who solar systems. Tigorr then realises that this was the one causing the self-destruct sequence. Just then, a group of Spider Guild ships arrive at the station.

The commander of the Spider Guild is searching for Seer who escaped last time and they are in fact looking for all the Omega Men, noting the absent star in the solar system, which they had stolen. Tigorr points out that the star would have gone supernova. The commander then orders Seer returned and everyone else killed. Tigorr wants the Omega Beam destroyed but Adam wants to use it to scan for logs to see if he can find leads to his family. Artin stays behind to help him scan the logs. Tigorr starts the self-destruct sequence and Broot gets everyone on the ship.

Tigorr then searches for Doc, who does not know that he has been eaten by the Durlan, who is a shape-shifter. Tigorr then orders Doc to help Seer get on the ship as she’s been drugged due to her visions.

At the Omega Beam, Artin discovers that the beam has been used twice, once for the star and a single person. Artin then attempts to recover the destination of the device’s second use. Adam then fights against the Spider Guild’s arachnoids that have made their way through. The Omega Men have climbed aboard the ship and within thirty seconds, they make their way out of the station as the Omega Beam explodes.

The Omega Men’s ship, Omega Wing lands on the planet Maltus. It is the home of L.E.G.I.O.N., which is an organisation, led by Vril Dox who protects it clients – for a price. Over a video conversation, we see Vril Dox talking with the leader of the Spider Guild, and say that they should put their differences behind them. The Guild then subscribes to L.E.G.I.O.N. services and demand that the Omega Men be found as they are under arrest for terrorist acts. Vril Dox says that he has alerted his men, but when he does capture them, he has no right to hand them over. The Guild demands that Seer be handed over regardless.

On the streets of Maltus, screens on the street have Adam Strange and the Omega Men, giving them a wanted status. Adam Strange on top a building, searches for the mysterious person who teleported while the Omega Men lay low, having landed with fake docking permits. Adam uses his Zeta-tracker to find the person, and tracks down a hover-pod. Adam stops in front of it but the hover pod flies off and crashes into another pod. Adam can’t let the pod-driver die so he manually opens the pod’s capsule. He pulls off the pod-driver’s helmet and discovers that it is no other than Sardath himself.

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