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Adam Strange and the Omega Men discover the location of the missing planet Rann! But when death strikes from an unexpected quarter, they find themselves hunted by L.E.G.I.O.N. ? and even the quick-witted Adam Strange can't outwit Vril Dox...or can he?                                  

Adam Strange’s discovery of Sardath alerts Vril Dox and orders a sweep on him. Adam discovers that Sardath is in fact a clone. He was created to activate the Omega Beam, transport the star and set the self-destruction timer. He also reveals that the real Sardath is the one who hid Rann. He wanted to tell Adam but was afraid that he was being watched. Then Adam gets what he wants – Rann co-ordinates. The Omega Men also come along, to see if Rann is really there. The Durlan who posed as Doc, starts firing upon them and Tigorr and Broot are confused on why he is acting like this. The clone, who is afraid, says that he was meant to die along with the explosion of the Zeta Beam and says that maybe his mistake could throw the whole universe off balance.

He tackles the Durlan and the Durlan fires upon the clone. The Durlan then begins to reveal who he really is. The Durlan then swallows Broot, Adam and Tigorr up, but Broot tears him apart and Tigorr and Adam make their way out. Adam then teleports the Durlan to the Rann supernova. Adam then plans to teleport all of them to the supposed Rann co-ordinates, but then L.E.I.G.O.N. soldiers swarm in and then Vril Dox appears.

Cutting to Valkyr, she discovers the death of the Durlan, and her master called Lord Luciphage isn’t too happy about it.

On Maltus, Vril Dox demands that he surrender, but Adam replies telling everyone to stay back. If the Zeta Beam could destroy a whole planet, then he can destroy Maltus too. Dox is certain that he is bluffing but Adam points out that there are six hundred billion people on Maltus. It’s Dox’s call. Before Dox can decide Adam grabs the Zeta Beam and Dox fires upon them. The three miss and as they recover, Tigorr goes for Dox, his droids now destroyed. Dox pulls out a couple blasters and hits both Tigorr and Broot. Adam warns him that if Dox stuns him, Dox can’t get home. Suddenly, Dox is hit from behind. Adam sees Alana with a blaster in hand and is stunned to see him.

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