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The spine-tingling adventures of the DCU's premier science-fiction hero continue as the search for Rann leads Adam to seek help from DC's strangest space-faring team: the Omega Men!                                 

Adam is to take his execution, but then a surrounding light teleports him out and takes him to a room where Valkyr is. She tells him that she has saved his life two times now. Adam wonders why she didn't save his life during the trial, and she replies that the trial was fixed. She gives him his Zeta Beam device and Adam teleports away. He arrives at Hydra Nebula and finds a cube-like structure, and inside, he finds the Omega Men. One of the members of the Omega Men called Seer envisions a man who is made of light traveling somewhere. The leader, Tigorr announces that "he's here".

Adam Strange then enters the station, then Harpis, one of the Omega Men and fight each other, but Adam manages to hold her. Tigorr along with rest follow through. Adam demands to know what has happened to Rann. Adam calls them terrorists, but Tigorr disagrees, calling themselves freedom fighters. Tigorr then explains how they are hiding because the Spiders Guild wish to get them back for bombing one of their "flesh farms" from freeing Seer. They captured Seer to clone a number of precognitives. Tigorr explains that they have also been hiding in here because of a vision that Seer saw – a man called Adam Strange would arrive, and fix the horrible predictions.

Back on Thanagar Valkyr, she teleports herself into a chamber and then a blue and black being stands in front of her who eggs her on about a plan. She pleads patience as the High Council doesn't know about it. Later she meets with a Durlan and gives him the Zeta Beam device.

Back at the station, Doc wakes Adam Strange from sleep and asks him how certain his family can still be alive. Adam beings, asking him whether he knows something about love. When Doc answers yes, then he will know. Adam later talks to Tigorr, and he explains how the reactor here was about to self-destruct and they found a strange item on the station, and want Adam to look at it. It is some kind containment cell and that they couldn't access it. Adam then enters his own code and finds that it opens. Inside it is a vertical device with balls swirling around it. Tigorr then tells Doc to get Seer. Soon, the device starts emitting a light, similar to the Zeta Beam. Doc goes in to investigate and finds Durlan, who swallows him up.

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