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Andy Diggle reinvented a classic character with the VERTIGO hit SWAMP, teamed with Pascal Ferry (ACTION COMICS, TOM STRONG), Diggle sets his sights on DC's premiere science-fiction hero: Adam Strange! In this action-packed 8-issue miniseries, things have changed drastically for Strange. Once the greatest hero of the distant planet Rann, he's now a wanted man on Earth. Pursued by the police and hunted by aliens, Strange has learned that his adopted planet has been destroyed. With his wife and daughter gone, is there any hope left, or is this the end of the space hero? Sit back for a thrilling ride that takes one man on a trek though the DC Universe to rediscover the remnants of the L.E.G.I.O.N., the Darkstars, the Omega Men, and more as he faces a threat that will herald a galactic war!

The issue opens up with a futuristic and modern city and it is Gotham City. Apparently, Adam Strange has trashed part of the city, and a police officer is questioning about it. The police man doesn't believe that he is an outer space man and calls him "Space Ranger", a reference to another sci-fi character during the 50s. The police officer allows Adam to tell his story and he starts recounting. He talks about Rann, and it's spiraling buildings. However, the people on Rann have their gene pool deteriorated because they are too reliant on machines. He mentions the Zeta Beam would wear off, and at times he would catch schedules of the Zeta Beam to stay with his family. He continues on about the Zeta Beam, how Sardath had allowed the Zeta Beam to teleport and keep them there permanently. He went back to Earth to tie some loose ends up, but the Zeta Beam never came back to take him. So he stayed in Gotham City and asked Superman to find some information about what's happening on Rann. He comes back informing Adam that Rann's primary star went supernova, destroying Rann.

Adam was devastated by the loss Alanna, his wife. Then, the cop and his partner take him to the car, to the Arkham Asylum. However, he unlocks his cuffs and knocks out the two cops. Seeing a glow, it reminds him of the Zeta Beam and he runs to it. There, he finds two aliens, one in a modified suit of his. They scan him for Zeta radiation and affirm his identity and they then admit they destroyed his apartment. The aliens then intimidate him asking about Rann and its demise. They intimidate him by threatening to throw him into the air, but he uses his knowledge of combat to disarm the alien and rips off his jetpack. Adam uses the jetpack and veers out of control because it is too large for him, but he regains control and finds a couple blasters in the jetpack. Adam starts firing at the other alien and he fires back with a missile.

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