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The thrilling adventures of DC's science-fiction hero heat up! Drifting helplessly in the radioactive void that once was Rann's star system, Strange is as good as dead, until he's waylaid by a Thanagarian battle cruiser! But his struggle for survival is just beginning, as he's blamed for an act of stellar genocide!                                 

Adam Strange wakes up with, with Alanna telling him its a dream. He holds Aleea in his arms but Rann's sun is too bright, as it starts to burn their flesh. He wakes up again, and it's all just a hallucination. There is nothing much of the Alpha Centauri. He has no idea how long it has been since his first day into space, but the suit can keep him alive for years, recycling his air and waste. Then, a ship, a Thanagarian ship approaches him. Inside, a crew member tells the commander that they have found a "primitive" and the commander orders them to bring him in.

Adam Strange, now on board is being evaluated by the machines on the ship and the commander introduces herself as Wing Commander Sh'ri Valkyr of the Thanagar Imperial Fleet. Adam Strange points out that the Thanagar have wanted the Zeta Beam for a long time now, but she insists that if they did want it, they would've simply taken it. Valkyr gives permission to Adam Strange to use her equipment to scan the remnants... however, they aren't remnants of Alpha Centauri as the molecular composition is different. Adam Strange decides to investigate.

Later, Valkyr is asking for Councilor Thrall permission to head down to Hydra Nebula, the red giant Adam discovered earlier. He disallows it and orders Valkyr to bring him under arrest. Valkyr clearly doesn't like the orders, but she does so anyway, putting her duty above her feelings. A couple of men arrive to arrest Adam. One of them orders him not to use his blasters, unless he wants to be sucked out into space so Adam elbows him. Valkyr then comes in with her blades and tells him not to move, unless he wants his head cut off.

In court, Adam is charged with genocide against Rann. Thrall questions Adam, asking him about the disappearance of Rann by beam rather than just explosion. Asked for evidence, Adam recounts how he was attacked by the alien bounty hunters (#1 and #2) and they claimed that Rann wasn't gone, however, they can't be used as evidence because they are dead. Thrall then asks Valkyr about her ship finding any remnants of Rann and she denies it and the possibility that it might have been engulfed by a supernova. So, Adam's theory is then disregarded. Another Thanagarian questions him about the high level of Zeta Beam radiation and the fact that he was carrying one when he was rescued. Adam yells out to Valkyr about the molecular structures when scanning earlier in this issue, but she rests her case. Adam is then found guilty and is to be executed. Outside with a huge hawk statue, Thrall rewards her and admits that he thought she would never send Adam to be executed, but she has proven herself. He then orders the execution to proceed, and the executioner raises his axe...







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