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Abra Kadabra is from the 64th century Earth ruled by Chronarch and his Central Clockworks. Abra rebelled against Chronarch and was deemed a criminal because he championed individuality. His punishment was banishment to 20th Century Central City. With technology from the future, he crafted magical crimes that were always stopped by the Flash.


Abra Kadabra was created by John Broome and Carmine Infantino. Abra Kadabra made his first comic book appearance in the pages of The Flash #128.

Major Story Arcs


For More information: The Flash

After one of the many battles with the Flash, Kadabra's technology was accidentally damaged and he was turned into a ghost-like entity. When restored to normal, Kadabra was taken back to the 64th century by a bounty hunter named Peregrine, and was about to be executed, but was saved by the Flash.

The Trial of Wally West

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One of Abra's plans was to put Wally West on trial for not saving a woman named Allison Armitage from a fire, when Wally fought with supervillain Razer. Abra made a deal with her advocate, Eric McCullough, and was trying to make Wally insane. Although he was very close to successiding this time, Wally outtricked him and saved the hostages. After this, Abra Kadabra was trying to kill Wally, but caused a big explosion, nearly killing himself.

Underworld Unleashed

For More Information: Underworld Unleashed

Once he returned to the future, Abra and the demon Neron made a deal, so that he tricks some of the other Rogues into selling their souls, so he can forgo relying on technological gadgets and became a real sorcerer in the 21st century.

Abra later kidnapped and erassed Linda Park (wally's girlfriend and, later, wife) from history during their wedding, but was defeated.

Death of the Flash

For More Information: Flash The Fastest Man Alive, One Year Later

Abra and the Rogues were approached by Inertia with a plan to kill the Flash. Although Inertia was defeated, the Rogues eventually beat the Flash to death. Abra noticed that the Flash that they had killed was not the Flash they had known before as this Flash was younger ( Bart Allen).

Salvation Run

For More Information: All Flash, Salvation Run

Abra was later captured by the Suicide Squad along with the rest of the Rogues and transported the prison planet, Salvation.

After that, Abra Kadabra joined Libra's Secret Society, although most of the Rogues went against Libra.

Flash: Rebirth

For More Information: Flash Rebirth

Abra Kadabra was attacked by Professor Zoom, but survived and says that Professor should have made sure he was dead.

Powers & Abilities

Master Sorcerer

Abra Kadabra is a very powerful magician and sorcerer. He gets his magic from futuristic 64th century technology. He has a high intelligence in technological fields. When teamed with Inertia he was able to discover that Inertia wasn't building a time machine, this due to the calibre of technology in his age that he knew how to make a time machine.


Height: 6'6"

Weight: 209 lbs

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Black

Alternate Versions


In the flashpoint universe Abra Kadabra is a member of the Secret Seven and is a television presenter. He later on reveals the identities of all the Secret Seven members.

Other Media


Justice League Unlimited

Abra Kadabra's appearance in Justice League Unlimited

Abra Kadabra was a minor character during Justice League Unlimited and only had one episode appearance in the Justice League episode "Flash and Substance". He is a villain of the Flash.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Abra appears in the opening teaser of the episode, "Chill of the Night!" voiced by Jeff Bennett. He fought Zatanna and Batman. There is no information about is this Abra a real sorcerer or a magician.

Batman: Brave and the Bold

Abra Kadabra appears a second time in the episode "Four Star Spectacular". He appears in the segment double Trouble. In this episode Abra Kadabra comes back to the 21st century to see Flash be killed by Mirror Master. Due to his interruption he gave Flash a way to beat Mirror Master. In anger Abra Kadabra kills Flash. Realizing he killed Flash he went back to the future to make sure he did not alter the timeline. It was later on revealed that Flash used Mirror Master's duplicate device to appear dead.

Young Justice

Abra appears with Klarion the Witch Boy in the episode, "Denial," voiced again by Jeff Bennett. He helped Klarion to catch Dr. Fate. In this version, Kadabra isn't a real sorcerer, but a clever magician (confirmed by Kid Flash). He almost beat Young Justice, but was stripped from his technology by Kid Flash (in Dr. Fate's helmet) and lost a fight against Superboy.

Young Justice

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