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Youngblood was created by Rob Liefeld for Image Comics in the early 90's.


Youngblood is a team of superheroes hired by the government of the USA. There are made up by two teams: the home team lead by Shaft (or Battlestone) and the away team lead by Sentinel (as seen in the Team Youngblood series).

The original home team :

The Home Team

Their first mission was to capture the Four, a team of supervillains who were trying to rescue one of their own.

The away team :

The Away Team

They were sent to Kuwait for their first mission to stop the dictator of the country. Psi-Fire, who suffered psychic troubles, killed the man instead of capturing him.

Sentinel asked to "clean" the mess and they went back to their base where they discovered a man put on stasis in a laboratory. This was their first encounter with Prophet.

Current Lineup:

New Look, New Lineup

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