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Jamie Forester was the only daughter of a very wealthy family, living in a beautiful area of the northeast. She, however, was always upset about her lack of friends and her cliched lifestyle. She was constantly bored, and had recently been having rushes of energy her parents attributed to adrenaline. Her family later learned that this was, in fact, a sign that her Nu-Gene had manifested. She found out about the government sponsored superhero team, the New Men. When one of her friends, a guy named Paul, mentioned in passing that he was good friends with New Man Exit, Jamie pressed him into helping her locate the New Men so she could join up. She did find the New Men, but they were already in a vicious battle with Reign, an old enemy and sometimes ally to the team. Before she even explained who she was, she jumped into the fray and "borrowed" the powers of New Man Dash. However, the gem on Reign's forehead allowed him to manipulate minds and possess people, and he used it to turn Khyber into a mindless, rampaging monster. Even with this setback, the team, with Jamie's help, defeated and imprisoned Reign.  Proctor recognized her as a Nu-Gene positive, and she was allowed to join the team.


 Bootleg can mimic the powers, and rarely the appearance of other people.

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