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During World War II a group of super-hero come together to formed The Allies to fight the Nazis.


The Allies was created by Alan Moore. The Allies was created as and homage to DC comics Justice Society and Justice League, as to recaptured the magic of the superhero team book. Like the Society and the League, The Allies had a long history dating back to the Golden age all the way to the modern age of comics. Alan Moore continued his re-invigoration of the superhero arch-types for Awesome Comics. The Allies were set to receive a new series written by Alan Moore with Rob Liefeld staring Spellcaster, Diehard, Thor, Supreme, Badrock led by Fighting America, .unfortunately the series never saw the light of day when Awesome closed its doors.

Team Evolution

Golden Age

The premier Golden Age super team under the name of Allied Supermen of America, active from 1941 through 1949. Its members were Supreme, Professor Night, Glory, Mighty Man, Waxman, Die-Hard, Super-Patriot, Black Hand, Storybook Smith, Doc Rocket, Alley Cat, and Roy Roman, the Mer-Master. The original Allies fought the Nazis and villains like Magno, but they felt helpless in the face of postwar social pressures and the threat of the atom bomb. They disbanded in 1950, although they reunited briefly to play a prank on Supreme in 1958. Many of their members joined the Allies in 1960.

Silver Age

The leading Silver Age superteam as The Allies, some of whose members were previously in the Allied Supermen of America. Its ranks included Supreme, Professor Night, Glory, Mighty Man, Die-Hard, Super-Patriot, Roy Roman, Spacehunter, and the Fisherman. The Allies formed in May 1960 to defend the Earth against Florax the Dominator. Their headquarters was a base on an asteroid, the Asteroid Amor. They had bizarre adventures against foes like Hulver Ramik, Dr. Clock, the Moth Empress, Basilisk, Atomo, and Prismalo the Painter, the Allies disbanded in 1970.

Modern Age

After having had adventures recently with Supreme, getting the old group back together Diehard suggested that the reform The Allies. Supreme, Glory, Professor Night, Roman, and Spacehunter have reclaimed their old headquarters and are once again in action.

Major Story Arcs

Other Versions

Other Media

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