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To fill the ranks of the Youngblood program Director Graves created Bloodpool to cultivate future agents from its participants.  The individual participants who eventually graduated into active agents would be highly trained resources with incredible skills and abilities that would benefit them in the field.


The members of the program were often recruited via notions of wealth, notoriety, fame, and immense respect on a global scale.  All of which were used to put a public spin on the Youngblood program while hiding away it's political and governmental inner workings as a team.  Most members of the program were altered by various narcotics, medical procedures, DNA splicing, and more.  Once Director Graves died the new director of the Youngblood program (Battlestone) pulled the funding for the Bloodpool program and sent the participants packing...after they'd all ready undergone surgery and DNA alterations.


Having given their lives to the Bloodpool program it's members were not pleased at all to learn the futures they'd worked toward were not going to happen at all.  On his own, Youngblood field leader Shaft came to deliver the news to the Bloodpool participants him self.   Wanting to kick the kids out with nothing to show for them selves Shaft ensured the members of Bloodpool that they could leave with some specific weapon's and ordnance marked "obsolete" by those in charge.  He'd gladly cover the loss of the items.

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