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Supreme is the creation of Rob Liefield. Supreme started out as a character inspired by Superman but a Superman who lacked any compunction against killing or needless gore. The series went through a number of creative teams and different directions before finding unity from the pen of Alan Moore.

Moore, best known for his works on such titles as Watchmen, V for Vendetta and his own ABC line, was asked to redefine Supreme for the Extreme Universe (later renamed the Awesome Universe). Having wanted to always play in the DC universe but never receiving the proper chance, he took it upon himself not only to redefine Supreme but to redefine the entire Extreme universe. Moore took his favorite archetypes and reinstantiated them into a modern Golden Age. Once credited (or blamed) for ushering in the gritter "dark age" of comics, he became a key player in bringing back the whim and wit of the more optimistic and mythic superhero archetypes. Alan Moore used Supreme (and his place of work, Dazzle Comics) to explore all the best things of the DC universe and the comic book genre in general. It is one of Alan Moore's best and most beloved runs on any series. Alan Moore's Supreme is sorely missed.

As of late Supreme has recently made a cameo in Image United #2.

Now.... about Supreme...

Alan Moore's Supreme is the Awesome Universe's greatest and most powerful superhero; akin to DC's Superman. He is actually Ethan Crane, the adoptive son of Joe and Joanne Crane of Littlehaven, USA. He gained his exceptional powers through exposure to Supremium radiation in 1925, when he was only five years old.


The radiation caused his hair to turn white and gave him a variety of formidable abilities including flight, incredible strength, near invulnerability, super-senses, the ability to project heat beams from his eyes and speed-supreme. Supreme is vulnerable only to Supremium radiation. Supremium has ties to Radar the hound supreme ( Krypto), Suprema ( Supergirl) , Darius Dax ( Lex Luthor)and the Supremium Man (KryptoniteMan) as well as to magic.

As a boy Ethan Crane had adventures in and around the small town of Littlehaven as "Kid Supreme ( Superboy)." He also joined the time-traveling heroes of the League of Infinity ( Imagine the Legion of Superheroes with the time travel thrown back in). In 1939 he left Littlehaven for Omega City ( a soon to be " Metropolis"), changing his name to simply "Supreme." He served in the military during World War Two and joined the Allied Supermen of America ( The JSA), the first superhero team. Supreme later became a founding member of the Allies ( Justice League), the premier superhero team of the 1960s.

In 1968 Supreme left Earth to explore deep space. He lost his memory following a confrontation with the mystic being Jack O'Lantern (imagine a cross between Green Lantern and the Spectre!) and only recently returned to Earth after years of confusion and amnesia. In his secret identity as Ethan Crane ( Clark Kent), he is now a comic book artist for Dazzle Comics ( Daily Planet). He is in love with comics writer Diana Dane ( Lois Lane), who in 'Supreme: The Return' learns of his dual identity.

After the spectacular crossover series 'Judgment Day', he resumes his place in the now-formed superteam The Allies. On returning to Earth, Supreme learned that his entire history is periodically revised with old versions of himself and his friends and foes being wiped from existence and replaced with new, updated incarnations.

The previous versions of himself are consigned to a limbo dimension called the Supremacy.

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