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Supreme: The Return

During Supreme: The Return, it was revealed that first appeared in the past, summoned by a young Darius Dax to fight a young Supreme. At the time Master Meteor had red hair and was missing a white supremium from his supremium collection. Dax led him to a piece of white supremium which reacted strangely with his other colored supremium pieces, dying his hair white and caused him to remember some horrible deeds that Supreme had done to him in his timeline. Master Meteor fled into a portal in order to get revenge on an older Supreme.

In the present he was summoned again by Darius Dax. Now calling himself Supremium Man he quickly went off to attack Supreme, tracking him with his white supremium. He attacked Supreme's work, only to run into Billy Friday, who caused another strange reaction with his white supremium. The two were fused turning his hair red once more and his white supremium no longer functioning. Master Meteor traveled to the past through a portal unknowingly starting the time loop once more.

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