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On a Clear Day You Can See the Leviathan!

Following last issue, Namor and the Inhuman Triton find themselves prisoners of Plant Man and bonded at the wrists with an energy shackle. Plant Man tells Namor to join him in destroying London but when the monarch refuses, both he and Triton are teleported to a prison within Plant Man's submarine. The prison is filled with mutated plants that absorb in oxygen, leaving the super powered duo breathless. Meanwhile Plant Man uses his Vega Ray to create a giant creature called Leviathan from coral and commands it to attack London.

Back in the sub-sea prison, Triton is unconscious from lack of water. Namor notices some of the mutated plants are cacti that are filled with water and destroys them, reviving both himself and Triton. The pair escape and attack Plant Man but Namor in his anger knocks the villain unconscious before he can be forced to free them. Seeing London under attack, Namor and Triton team up to defeat Leviathan while Plant Man makes his escape. Now free from their shackle, the heroes depart as friends.

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