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Cry... Triton!

Continuing from issue #1, Namor is still within Destiny’s Arctic hideout and destroys everything in sight. He decides to enlist the help of the Fantastic Four to track down his most hated enemy who murdered of his mother and grandfather. The monarch swims towards New York with inhuman speed and meanwhile within a submarine, Plant Man spots Black Bolt flying overhead. The ruler of the Inhumans sends Triton to investigate further and at the same time Prince Namor passes by. Seizing this opportunity, Plant Man devises a plan to make the two amphibians destroy each other. Using his subs loudspeaker, Plant Man tells Namor to attack Triton who remembers that Namor is a one-time foe of the FF. Namor is surprised at the sudden command from the unknown source but Triton attacks swiftly. Naturally Namor strikes back but when the prince of Atlantis realises Triton knows the FF, he commands the Inhuman to take him to Reed Richards. Assuming Namor means his friends harm, Triton continues his attack but soon finds himself outmatched by the Sub-Mariner and the fight ends up crashing through Plant Mans submarine.

Elsewhere, Lady Dorma contemplates whether her beloved Namor is still alive after the recent explosions that rocked Atlantis (Tales To Astonish #99) and decides to go find him. She is stopped by Lord Vashti and Warlord Seth who tell her the Atlanteans need her to guide them in their time of desperation as they evict their now destroyed city. Dorma boards the royal ship and leaves with the rest of the Atlanteans to find a new home. Back to the battle and Plant Man has used the fight to prepare his new Vega Ray which allows him to instantaneously grown and control any vegetation. Using the ray on some seaweed, Plant Man turns the vegetation into a giant creature that captures both fighters. Realising they have been tricked into exhausting each other in battle, the pair attempt to free themselves but are trapped inside the submarine with some sort of sinister liquid. Outside, the other Inhumans are concerned about Triton and approach the sub but seeing this Plant Man quickly flees in his vessel. Seeing Namor and Triton are now helpless captives, Plant Man decides to use his new creature to invade London.

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