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Who Strikes For Atlantis?

Namor continues his journey towards New York to seek the help of Mr. Fantastic in order to track down the villain Destiny. Meanwhile Attuma has heard of Namor’s absence and plans to send his Barbarians to attack and enslave the now homeless Atlanteans while they are at their most vulnerable. Atuma’s leadership is challenged by one of his followers who demands a contest for leadership. However instead of accepting the challenge Attuma suddenly hurls his war-hammer at the challenger, hitting him right in the face. The devastating blow leaves the once mighty warrior with dimmed vision and terrible injuries and Attuma proclaims any who challenge his rule shall share the same fate. Soon afterwards the Barbarians attack the travelling Atlanteans who are attempting to find a new home since Atlantis was Destroyed by Destiny. Despite the valiant efforts of Warlord Seth and his warriors, the Atlanteans are eventually defeated by the more savage Barbarian horde. Not satisfied with capturing the entire Atlantean populace, Attuma sends assassins to kill Namor. Soon the Barbarians find the Sub-Mariner who, still incorrectly believing he was betrayed by Dorma, compares his loneliness to that of a fish separated from its shoal.

The Barbarians attack Namor, telling him he will soon join his former subjects as slaves. The Avenging Son is defeated with surprising ease by Kor-Konn who decides to take Namor back to Attuma’s fortress in hopes of gaining fame. As soon as they arrive Namor shows he was feigning injury in order to reach the fortress and immediately breaks free of his shackles, dispatching his captors with ease. The Sub-Mariner challenges Attuma to a fight to the death but Attuma refuses. However he is quickly swayed by the whispers of cowardice coming from his warriors. Shortly the fight begins with Attuma wearing a heavy metal armour which Namor’s blows fail to penetrate. Meanwhile the injured Barbarian who had earlier challenged Attuma decides his people deserve a more honourable leader and frees Lady Dorma from her cell. The Barbarian fights his way to a machine that powers Attuma’s armour and with his last breath tells Dorma to destroy it. Dorma, summons all her strength to save the one she loves and smashes the machine causing Attuma’s armour to lose power. Realising this, Namor attacks with a renewed vengeance and devastates his foe to a pulp. The remaining Barbarians deem Attuma unworthy to lead them and flee while Dorma frees the captured Atlanteans. Still believing he has no place with his people, Namor leaves to continue his quest.

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