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Namor has a nightmare about Paul Destine, his archenemy being elected president of US. When he wakes up, he goes to the prisoner chambers talks to Tiger Shark (that was arrested in Sub-Mariner #5), and finds his sister, Diane Arliss. Ikthon tells Namor what she was seeing in New York and then Namor goes to NY with Dorma. When they arrive in NY, they see an outdoor with Destiny, running for presidency, and so it wasn't just a bad dream. Some policemen try to arrest Namor, but he and Dorma flies away toward Diane's apartment. When they arrive, Namor tells her that his brother - Tiger Shark - is insane but alive. Namor realizes that Destiny is using the Serpent Crown to manipulate the humans and to gain more and more power. Namor battles Destiny, but is defeated by the huge power in his body, but suddenly Destiny goes crazy with so much power, throws away the crown and jump over a building, trying to fly... to the death.

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