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The Spell of The Serpent

Prince Namor and Lady Dorma head towards fabled Atlantis in a sub-sea vessel. They are transporting the Helmet of Power worn by the late villain Destiny for safe keeping. While Namor ponders the origins of the mystical helmet, Dorma is drawn towards it by an eerie glow and can’t resist placing it upon her head. Namor sees this and slaps the helmet away from Dorma, warning her it has already cost the lives of many. The pair arrive at Atlantis whose citizens rejoice at the return of their Prince. However Warlord Seth is still dismayed by his recent defeat at the hands of Tiger Shark. Namor orders the helmet to be placed in the Hall of Science for research then inquires about the condition of Tiger Shark. Atlantis’ Scientist Supreme Ikthon says although they have found a cure, the required herbs lay in the Abyss of Doom and are too dangerous to procure. Namor decide to undertake the perilous mission himself along with Seth, who is grateful at his Lord’s trust in him despite his defeat. Back in Hall of Science, the Helmet of Power glows ever stronger and its outer casing shatters to reveal an inner crown in the ominous design of a seven headed serpent.

Hours later on the edge of the Abyss of Doom, Namor and Seth leave their vessel and swim forth into the abyss only to be greeted by its protector – the many tentacled Lethe-Beast. The giant creature surges towards the Atlanteans and knocks Seth’s warpoon out of his hand. Seth swims towards his fallen weapon as Namor attacks the beast and jams his own weapon into its enormous gaping mouth. The Lethe-Beast traps Namor in one of its tentacles and thrashes about furiously, hitting Seth and rendering him unconscious. Namor then destroys one of the beast’s tentacles which instantly emits a gas into his face. The beast releases the Sub-Mariner and escapes but the gas makes Namor lose his memory and the confused Monarch swims away, leaving the unconscious body of Seth lying at the bottom of the sea. Meanwhile in Atlantis, Dorma convinces Ikthon to show her the Helmet of Power and as they gaze upon its changed form, the eerie glow hypnotises them both and Dorma places it on her head. Back in the abyss, Seth regains consciousness to find Namor gone and presumes his Liege perished while defending him from the Lethe-Beast. The Warlord feels disgraced and in his shame, exiles himself from Atlantis.

Some time later, Namor regains his memory and heads back to Atlantis but on approaching the city is shot by a guard who says the new ruler of Atlantis is Naga, the Serpent of Life and Death. Unable to evade the attack due to exhaustion caused by his long journey, the Sub-Mariner is captured and feigns unconsciousness to discover who has usurped his throne. The Prince of the Blood is chained to an alter and is astonished to see even the loyal Lord Vashti has turned. Namor guesses his subjects’ must be under mind control and looks for the one who has turned them against him. At that moment, the Priestess of Naga enters the chamber and it is none other then Namor’s beloved Lady Dorma! Dorma gives the order to sacrifice Namor who realises the Serpent Crown on her head is the transformed Helmet of Power. Immediately the Avenging Son breaks free of his chains and snatching the crown from Dorma’s head, challenges anyone to oppose him. The challenge is taken up by Tiger Shark who managed to escape his cell during the uprising. However Namor decides he needs to figure out what powers the Serpent Crown contains and speeds off to a secluded area.

The Sub-Mariners believes the only way he’ll discover the secrets of the crown is to wear it and places the mystical object on his head. Immediately his brain is overpowered and he sees the apparition of a giant serpentine face staring at him. Namor’s mind then travels to a long distant past where he sees ancient figures resembling Atlanteans. The figures decide due to the dangers posed by the Earth’s axis changing, they must leave their ancestral home. The population is split into two groups, each of which travel to a different sea. Namor then witnesses natural disasters that cause massive destruction and change the planet’s landscape. With his last vestige of willpower, the Sub-Mariner throws the Serpent Crown of his head and regains his mind. Namor swims down to the depths to recover the crown, however as he approaches it, a blue skinned hand grabs the crown for itself.

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