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"What does this mean for the critically-acclaimed event?"

It means two thins

1) It likely means Hitch could not finish the art on time

2) Their and my definition of critically acclaimed are about as far apart as can be

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@x_29: Yes, that is exactly what I am saying. Well, aside from that part of my post where I said " I am not saying that male writers cannot write female characters" Maybe Wood can write with a interesting perspective, but it just seems like a missed opportunity to bring in a fresh strong female writer who may have a unique take on this rather than just recycling the same ole X-men writers.

But again, it is not surprising from the company that has run this franchise straight into the ground over the last 15+ years.

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Why not get a female writer? I am not saying that male writers cannot write female characters, but it just seems if you wanted this comic to be something different than just a roster of "females kicking ass" you might try a different approach. A female writer might be able to bring a fresh genuine perspective to these character's motivations and struggles that might give a meaningful reason for an all female team.

But then again, this is Marvel who are much more interested in decimal numbering and triple shipping books in a month.

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I have a strong feeling that DC will ret-con Tim Drake back to being a Robin once Lobdell leaves the book.

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Yeah, not really a big deal. Marvel has not known what to do with the Professor X character for years. The character has floundered as the have milked the "maybe he was not such a good guy" thing for too long. Perhaps if they had killed him when the character has some resonance this would have been effective. Also since it is happening in what is predominantly viewed as a mediocre at best crossover, it lacks impact.

Otherwise it seems like a calculated, well we had to kill someone, ennie meenie minee moe. Plus as other have said he will be back shortly. He has died about as many times as he has been crippled and uncrippled.

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First Morrison now Liefield! DC is getting better without having to add a single new person. Addition by subtraction in my opinion.

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Not to question Tony, but how could this list not include Joe Kelly's run on the book? In my opinion, nobody has ever written the character better than Kelly. His arc was wonderful since it straddled the line between him being a selfish mercenary and yet at the core being a reluctant hero. Honestly, if you were going to read any Deadpool go get read through Kelly's initial big arc (The first 25 or so issues, though I think he stayed on until 33). And this is from a person that has read probably 95% of all Deadpool series over the last 20 years.

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The number of things going on outside of SDCC this year is almost overwhelming. Between this and NerdHQ, Geek and Sundry, Xbox Lounge etc, there is a ton to do without even going to the con. Good news and bad news I guess. It is almost too much to see. But on the other hand, it is getting to the point where you could have a great time down there without even buying a badge

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@Kallarkz said:

And for all the bendis bandwagon haters....

For the record, I have disliked Bendis from day one. :)

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Yikes, an uninspired calculated crossover from Bendis' House of Bad Ideas (AKA Marvel).

I am not a Marvel hater, I used to collect only Marvel back in the day. But since the turned the bulk of the companies events/reigns over to Bedis, I just can't really get into much of their universe aside from a stray title here or there.