Rob Liefeld Leaves DC Comics

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For those of you that have been thoroughly enjoying Rob Liefeld's take on New 52 characters like HAWKMAN, DEATHSTROKE and GRIFTER; we have some bad news for you. Earlier today the creator took to Twitter to reveal that he would be leaving all three titles and that he had "just sent [his] thank you's to DC personnel. Officially got off the DC52 treadmill this morning…"

If you're going to quit your job, that's certainly one way to go about it. According to Liefeld, although he had a "great time at DC," and "believe[s] in what DC is doing," he had to "preserve his sanity." Sounds like being responsible for three ongoing titles was getting to be a little bit difficult, no? Or perhaps it was more than just that. According to the creator, DC's editorial was making last minute decisions to his books that were, well, testing his patience. He got into more detail over twitter citing that his decision to leave all three titles and the company in general, was primarily due to editorial decisions.

== TEASER ==

This does make me wonder just how much of the books we are reading every month are heavily influenced and changed by DC editorial. How much creative control do the creators actually have? How many of the issues we read are changed at the last minute, and to what extent? Are some of the books we are reading changed entirely? It does make me question the integrity of the publisher a little bit. I mean, if so much of a book we are reading is altered from the original script handed in by the book's writer, can they really say it is still written by the creative team on the cover? Then again this is only one perspective from one specific creator. Still, it is something to think about.

Liefeld revealed that Scott Clark will be taking over writing duties on DEATHSTROKE and Marat will continue work on GRIFTER.

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I think this is a good thing.

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Maybe him and Chris Roberson are going to start a "DC Haters Club."

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Thank the New Gods! The man can't draw, and I am too tainted by that to ever attempt to read his stories.

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Waits for the comment from Matt Elfring ........

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DC's editorial staff isn't ideal at all, imo. They already (and I use this term harshly) raped the Static Shock book into oblivion, and Batwing is on it's way down the crapper thanks to what DC's editors think is best, and what they think we want to see. No wonder people make and read indie comics. I wouldn't want to be under the watch od DC's editorial staff.

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@WanderingHands said:


This has to be an Inferiorego alt

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Woot , this is great news hopes he doesnt get hired elsewhere.

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i bet he goes to marvel and gripes again.

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Thank god

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Wow, DC editorial finally did something if they would only follow suit and move on themselves.

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@Babs said:

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This has to be an Inferiorego alt

Or the general opinion...?

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*Tears of joy*

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Yes! GTFO LIefeld!

now I can start reading Deathstroke again.

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aw lol

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I'm sure Liefeld's a pleasant guy and everything, but good.

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now more pointy feet lol

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Yes, Deathstroke is back on the grid!

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I not a Liefeld fan either. He comes across like a bit of an asshole whenever he comments on something but I feel sorry for him here. I think his stuff gets critiszed with a far greater severity because of his somewhat abrasive personality. I don't feel his sorry really gets judged on it's own merits, basically.

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Celebrate good times come on.

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@Babs said:

@WanderingHands said:


This has to be an Inferiorego alt

I don't use my alt accounts on here anymore, which are Aemeth, CommentPolice, and WorstDebaterEver.

@EdwardWindsor said:

Waits for the comment from Matt Elfring ........

I wish him the best in his future projects.

Back to reviewing comics...

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Uh no, its you, Rob....

Finally we can get someone good on Hawk and Dove, Hawkman, Grifter and Deathstroke....

And get of the illusion that you kept the books alive... You were strangling the books...

Hawk and Dove were great in "Brightest day" when they were drawn by Ivan Reis ( Now there is a true artist...) Rob totally destroyed them when he did the book. Maybe now they can come back...

Same thing with Deathstroke... He totally ruined it... Lets see what happens now for these books...

... and don't forget the horrible covers he did... ugh..

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and the peasants rejoice!!!

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I couldn't be MORE than happy with Liefeld leaving DC HOWEVER this is like the fourth writer to complaine about editors at DC and also other books you can tell that editorial are messing with as well, hmmm something dark is happening down at DC

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@inferiorego: I approve of you gentlemenly manner sir " tips hat" well played

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Man, what is up with DC editorial? It seems like every few months, a different creator leaves a title. Gail Simone, John Rozum, Paul Cornell, and now Liefeld. As much as i dislike Liefeld, I can't be happy about him being jerked around. I wouldn't want that for anybody at DC or Marvel.

Edit: After reading the Bleeding Cool link, things definitely ain't kosher at DC. Something needs to happen over there.

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Thank god! Welcome back to my pull list Hawkman!

But I do feel bad about it being the editors. We have been hearing a lot lately about DC editors screwing with books and basically rewriting them.And after SDCC, I can totally see that. A lot of DC editors seemed like douches.

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No love for Liefeld, but this seems to be on-par with the fly-by-the-seat-of-their-pants style that has marked everything to do with the New 52 initiative. Someone else -- can't recall at the moment; Rucka, maybe? -- was just going off a couple of months ago about the same types of things.

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and so on and so on.

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@inferiorego said:

@Babs said:

@WanderingHands said:


This has to be an Inferiorego alt

I don't use my alt accounts on here anymore, which are Aemeth, CommentPolice, and WorstDebaterEver.

@EdwardWindsor said:

Waits for the comment from Matt Elfring ........

I wish him the best in his future projects.

Back to reviewing comics...

Deathstroke was a suprise favorite of mine on the New 52 and Hawk & Dove was my LEAST favorite. That pretty much explains my views...

Thanks for thinking I was an alt. tee hee!

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Good riddance.

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DC's quota of pouches is going to seriously be decreased by this event, someone is going to have to step up and pick up the slack now.

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@Billy Batson said:



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And the angels sang hallelujah!!!!! *Church dance from Blues Brothers*

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Would Scott Clark be writing AND drawing Deathstroke?

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@playhouse: I think Rucka left DC long before the New 52.

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DC Execs: "Hey, Rob, could you start drawing feet on your characters, at least 30% of the time?"
Rob: "You're hindering my creativity! I quit in order to retain my sanity!"

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you can say what you want about him... but he's a brilliant salesman... He can sell sh@$t to cleaning ladies....

And he actually did that....

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@The Stegman said:

So much this.

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Ya, I know we keep hearing about the editorial problems with DC, but Liefelds I will procede to celebrate anyway.

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Yes, oh yes ! We have beaten the first demon my friends, rob "extrem" liefled can't hurt anyone anymore for now but don't be too much happy for there are still mike "3d poser" deodato, Greg "copy past tracer" land, Jim "sameface, line everywhere" Lee and JrJr "tard art" romita in action...

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