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@yung_ancient_one: I kinda like that but mostly because it was implied that her other half came from Madame Hydra : )

This is true. I never thought about it like this though. I overlooked that detail. Either way, she's a daughter in my Marvel Universe 629. My universe is the best all the creative decisions in 616 that I don't like does not exist. (+)

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Wolverine 50% Cyclops (Your vote) 64% Iceman (Your vote) 64% Storm (Your vote) 64% Gambit (Your vote) 64% Emma Frost (Your vote) 50% Namor (Your vote) 50%

Wow out of at least reaching 50% of votes which is still an F grade %, the only ones to make it are:







and Namor


At least we know who are the favorites now. (+)

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@thitiki said:

Didn't it help him breath or something? It also covered up his scared face.

Simplest way I can describe it: He had a messed up face that put him through extreme pain. The mask keeps the pain at bay.

Constant morphine drip

He can't feel pain


The more you know.


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@irishx: I appreciate the love. I been telling myself I'm going to visit my local comic shop to take pictures of the store inside and pictures of the inside of Universal's City Walk comic shop. I just haven't found the time, nor made the time.

I think this thread is awesome so thank you for making it. (+)

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I love coming to ComicVine for dating advice.

My advice is always the best huh. (+)

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@yung_ancient_one: I meant Kraven as i edited later not Kingpin, anyhow you obviously doesn't read much other things from dc universe if you have you would see the Batman villains with other characters time to time. If you want a complete debunk with just 4 words, just go and check Forever Evil: Rogue's Rebellion, this is not the only series that you will find batman villains with other character, you just haven't looked hard enough brah!...

I rather not. I'll just take your word for it. (+)

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@aenvus said:

To everyone saying that Quicksilver is comparable to Clark, please watch the video.

I failed to see how this video proves Quicksilver isn't comparable to Clark. I think Impulse and Quicksilver are evenly matched with their TV and Movie verse comparison. BUT it is fiction and I don't care at the end of the day so whatever.

I think they are evenly matched. Anyone else thinks otherwise that's fine. In the words of Arsonal, "you can have that, that aint even what I'm mad at." (+)

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@yung_ancient_one: What you said doesn't make sense at all. Yes Kingpin is also feuded between Kaine but that's exactly same thing as Joker had a problem with Robin. Batman's villains shared all the time as well just not with the Planetary characters for that you mentioned for obvious reasons. No one has a special no one can touch villain unless it's a specific universe with no other characters in it.

I have yet to see Batman's villains be shared beside putting them on the show Arrow since they want to make him batmanish. Fisk has had a long lasting feud with Parker, Murdoc, and Castle. Kaine stems from the Spider-Man origin the same way as Robin stems from the Batman origin. I don't know what... "problem" you are referring too besides Jason/Joker death which is still heavily connected to Batman. (+)