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@jnr6lil said:

@superstay: Yeah. So Far Gone is what got him signed to Young Money.

I respectfully disagree to the fullest about Drake being popular before he signed to Young Money. Yes. So Far Gone did get him signed to Young Money but I do not remember him making as much noise online until he did the track with Lil Wayne albeit he wasn't signed at the time. However, I feel like Wayne did play a huge part in his popularity rising so fast.

Could he have done it without Young Money? Maybe. He was making noise but to say that he was big before Young Money is false to me.

And, to Superstay, I think Drake is naturally becoming too big for the Young Money team. I think he wants to be loyal but everyone knows he's growing so much that he doesn't need them. He just recorded 2 ON remix saying, "its Young Money Records, get the record straight."


Something I have been wanting to post about. I am a fairly big fan of Game. I bought all his albums until Je5us Piece which I was following. I was researching all his possible artists like Ya Boy, K Dot, Jay Rock, Blackboy, Reggie P, Juice McCain, DUBB, and everyone else he claimed was in or was going to be in Black Wall Street.

I see what he's doing with his new Blood Money Family. I respect it. I am a fan. I am. I follow him on instagram and all that.

HOWEVER, I am so tire of Game riding G-Unit's wave. Whenever G-Unit or members of G-UNit do something he hops on it in some form or fashion. He claims to want a reunion then claims he hates them. XXL do a interview with G-Unit then Game wants to do a interview with XXL.

G-Unit's album comes out on Sept 1st so he claims his album comes out on Sept. 1st (just an example the date is not correct).

I find it so annoying. I feel like G-Unit has been moved on but Game just wants to bring the old controversial news back like... Hey remember I left the group cuz I was better than all of y'all even though I keep riding you guys wave.

I might be the only one that cares but yeah.

Thanks for reading. (+)

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Luke Cage. I always think about Luke Cage. I know his gimmick is to not have a gimmick but I would love it if he was like Logan. Wolverine wears a costume to missions but he has no problem fighting with regular clothes on at a moment notices. I want Luke Cage to have a costume so badly. Plus, to actually use his old name PowerMan.

It won't happen but I would like it if it did happen. (+)

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I think it is Sue Storm. I feel like she truly loves Reed Richards for who he is and she supports him through so much BS. Plus, he ignores her so much and she stays. You know how hard that is to happen in real life? I have seen so many beautiful couples break up because the guy started dedicating more time to something else than their partner and the gal decides he's not worth waiting.

I seen guys focus on work, I seen guys focus on school, I seen guys focus on goals and the girls like... it is either me or your goals. Terrible but true.

Women need attention, appreciation, and affection in my opinion. Reed barely gives her that and she still loves him.

@bumpyboo said:

Me. It's definitely me.

Who are you married to? Mr. Boo? (+)

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I like most of these characters, but if I had to pick the best characters, it would come down to these guys.

Emma, Mystique, Storm, Psylocke, Jubilee, Magik, Kitty, and Rogue

I agree with all of them except Mystique. I hate her. Why would you put her? I can agree she is important because I simply loathe her, Creed, and Sinister. (+)

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I'm just going off by my imagination but I don't think Marvel has anything to gain by promoting New Warriors. I can see them promoting Inhumans because they plan on making a film. I can see Marvel promoting Superior Spider because Spider-Man is the flagship character.

I think MARVEL just likes to test the waters with books like Fearless Defenders, She-Hulk, Moon Knight, All New Ghost Rider, Storm, New Warriors, and et cetera. I don't see the House of Ideas promoting these titles much because they are just testing the water to see how well they do on their own. They are just looking for the next big thing in my opinion.

It is nice to bump into you on the Vine once again Ms.Lola (+)

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I love y'all trying to go out swinging but your fighting the inevitable. I honestly think fans of series should check out comichron dot com every month to see the guest sales of their favorite series and users should talk about their favorite series online more.

I don't know how many people complained about Superior Spider-Man and Avengers Arena but it felt like it was every day. That gave both the books a lot of hype. I can't remember users talking about Scar Spider (Kaine) solo series nor Agent Venom series as much as users complained about Avengers Arena or Superior Spider.

I know users will hate me but I blame the fans. If fans shared online as much as haters shared online things would be different.

Example most lovers of a series post OMG you have to read.

Most haters of a series post this is so awful look at this *insert scan* and complain about key plot points.

I think if New Warrior fans were like Oh eM Gee you have to read this series look *insert scan* then maybe the series would have lasted a bit longer. (+)

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I only know of One More Day. I'll take everyone's word on Jason Todd though. I thought Flashpoint was a good story though. I'm not a huge fan of DC so I only have heard how bad the NU52 is. (+)

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SO Raindrops! What do all of you think of Storms solo series so far? Are you all happy?

I honestly am not a fan of Greg Pak. I don't think he's terrible. I just don't think he'll do that good of a job. I haven't heard anything special about Greg Pak.

What do y'all think?

I am a little off topic but I been craving storm lately so I bought marvel ultimate alliance 2 just so I can play as her. The game is becoming rare I bought it at $32 dollars on ebay which is alot for an old game like that. I was wondering if anyone else has it so we can play together but of course I got to be storm lmaooooo!!!

For the record. I love that game. I been loving Marvel's New Beat-Em Up games since the first X-Men Legends (XML). I call them New Beat-Em Ups. I loved XML one and II. I loved Marvel's Ultimate Alliance (MUA) one and II. I bought all 4 games when they first came out. Me and my brother would play them all the time.

My only gripe about MUA II is that you can't select just one character by default you have to pick a team of 4 no matter what. On the revious "New Beat Em-Up" games you could pick a team of 1-4. Sometimes me and my bro would try to pass a level with just 2 heroes/villains. In MUA 2 we couldn't do that.

We would have to get two characters killed constantly to play the levels with just one or two playable characters.

I downloaded all the Downloadable Characters. I miss that game. My brother and I have been wanting to play it for a while. The thing is my X-Box 360 got the red ring of death. Now we can't play unless we buy a new X-Box 360 or get a new MUA 2 for PS3. It sucks. I just felt like sharing

Thanks for reading. (+)

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@jayc1324 said:

This and black cap will only give marvel a sales boost for the first two or three issues. After that it will go down. If they really cared about diversity they would be pushing storms series more, and black panther would have a series, and give falcon his own book instead of making him cap. This is for money and nothing else.

Tell Them! Tell Em!

I'm not against the new Captain America because it has been passed down before. However, I do want some more Black Panther comics, more Luke Cage comics, and to get a better writer than Greg Pak to write for Storm. Forgive me Greg Pak fans. I have not ever heard anything specifically special about him. I don't think he'll be that good honestly.

One thing I have to point out tho JayC, Marvel has promoted more diversity by making the new Mighty Avengers be mostly not of Caucasian decent.


Back to the main topic. I don't see this THOR as a title a big deal. Thunderstrike use to call himself Thor. Why? Because the thing goes, "whoever should wield this thing will have the powers of THOR." Thor is his name but because his name has built prestige his name is also a title. It is like receiving the Michael Jackson award.

I think the new "THOR" will not call herself Thor. I think the book will be called "THOR" and even if her title is THOR it is to say The Holder Of Righteous Mjölnir.

Or other words like Ruleless/Refined/Royal/Religious

Marvel wants to do something different so what. AS I have stated previously, nothing in comics last forever in more ways that one. Thor will be worthy again. This new THOR will not be The Holder of Righteous Mjolnir for too long. Falcon will be Falcon again and et cetera.

I don't think it is a big deal. However, I didn't think Otto being Spider-Man was a big deal either. I knew Parker would be back, the same way I know Thor Odinson will be worthy again. I find these changes exciting. I don't want to keep typing so I will end it right here.

Thank you for reading (+)