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I guess the hype that Valiant is becoming as big as the BIG TWO is nothing but HYPE. Image is still holding the throne of being the biggest outside of the BIG TWO. Plus, I like getting a confirmation that besides Batman sales, MARVEL is beating DC. I don't say it to brag. I just like to point out the facts of the matter.

I honestly would prefer if Detective Comics (comics) would be beating MARVEL. I always viewed The House of Ideas to be the underdogs but ever since (evil) Disney bought them things changed. Marvel stopped being independent. Oh well... (+)

I've never seen anyone try to claim Valiant was going to sell as much as DC or Marvel.

If its a matter of quality neither Marvel or DC hold that title either so...

I don't want to go back and forth about this. I trust you haven't seen anyone claim Valiant was going to sell more than DC or MARVEL. However, I did see quite a few posts about how Valiant was probably selling more than Image, BOOM! Studios, Dynamite, et cetera. I remember for sure seeing like 2 posts about how Valiant was going to be a part of the BIG TWO and make it THE BIG THREE.

I thought it was a unrealistic statement and I was sure IMAGE was still holding the title of being the most selling company out of the Big Two.

However, I don't deny that Valiant has quality over quantity.


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@yung_ancient_one: because he's still Spider-Man in his universe.

Oh eM Gee! I feel like such a dimwit. Thanks so much doode. That makes sense now but I still would prefer to see him in his O.G. outfit. Thanks though. (+)

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Because Bendis does not care about anybodies continuity except his. He doesn't care what another writer created in MARVEL. It is his baby now. (+)

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Deadly CLASS easy!

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How was her origin changed? As far as I can tell her origin is basically this. She was a rich girl who was sent to a psych ward until she escaped and went back home. After a while of living with the family that sent her away she decided to start a life all by herself. She became a dancer for the Hellfire Club and found a way to be part of the inner circle. Twice in her life Charles Xavier tried to enlist her in his school.

Did I forget anything? (+)

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Honestly, as a huge DC fan I think DC's fanbase is worse. Not because they do anything to bug people, but because they don't support the company enough and freak out at the drop of a hat. They never give the company who gave them what they love the benefit of the doubt.

MARVEL - although I myself are one of them :)


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Is this a joke? BATMAN. Obviously. (+)

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Corey, you do know that WWE has an official YouTube account where they have videos of Raw and/or Smackdown events. They might have videos that Hulu doesn't show. For example, I am fairly sure Bo Dallas' promo where he says, "this is Jimmie, he lost everything because he bet on you versus Russev," is on the WWE YouTube account.

I don't watch the shows either but I do watch their official YouTube videos.

Just Saying. (+)

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Johnny Storm (Torch) Vs Human Torch (android)


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You never know she might give super head like Superhead. They might be in a hippy-ish, care free, free spirited relationship. He might have a line full of Oh's waiting for him.

I have seen too many weird relationships. I don't judge. Then again, I do live in LA LA LAnd, where we have everything. (+)