What Is This A Ripoff?

What Is This A Ripoff?

I remember a rip-off being a word said whenever someone felt they were being sold an overpriced item or service. I then learned the word to be used for whenever “something […] is too much like something made by someone else” as Merriam-Webster states. I as a child used it all the time. The Street Sharks are a rip-off of the TMNT. “The Battle Toads are a rip-off of the TMNT too,” I would say. The thing is being a “ripoff” today is often viewed as a negative and shunned upon especially in the comicbook community and/or geek/nerd community. My problem with the ideology is that there are inconsistencies.

I find myself asking, what exactly is a rip-off? How much similarity does something have to have to be a rip-off and not something that is inspired by something else? Why is there a general consensus that Aquaman is not a rip-off of Namor but Moon Knight is a rip-off of Batman? Who is the rip-off Swamp-Thing or Man-Thing?

Does a fictional character automatically become a rip-off if she/he has the same powers as previous created character had? Are the Doom Patrol a rip-off of the Fantastic Four? The general consensus is that the X-Men are a rip-off of the Doom Patrol but now I’m not so sure.

Today I saw an obvious DC fangirl troll online. Now I say this user was an obvious fanboy because this user was posting comments on Marvel Comic Con videos. I am not a fan of Swamp-Thing so you will not find me on Swamp-Thing videos/articles/et cetera unless it is connected to something else like it’s a Constantine video/article/whatever that happens to include Swamp-Thing.

Regardless of that, this user was bugging other users by constantly saying Thanos is a rip-off of Darkseid therefore making Marvel an inferior brand. I have heard that Thanos is a rip-off before and have accepted it but one user defended Thanos by claiming Thanos has a completely different story and set of goals. The DC Fangirl replied that Marvel has admitted that Thanos was inspired by Darkseid. The banter got me thinking, what is the difference between inspired and a rip-off? Therefore, we will now look at how art imitates art and try to discover the exact difference of rip-off and inspired.

Let’s start off with the rip-off… of a rip-off? What?


In a world where humans hate and fear “mutants,” there is a team of heroes lead by a brilliant man in a wheelchair who believes that with their powers they can protect the world and teach them they have nothing to fear. They hope that the world will stop hating them but they deal with the issue of another group of mutants who cause chaos and destruction. Their name is The Evil Brotherhood of Mutants.

I swear replace D.P. with "Mutie" on one of those signs

However, there is another team called Doom Patrol who are also lead by a paraplegic (in a wheelchair) scientist (brilliant mind) who also beliefs that if they protect the world, which hates and fears them, they will be accepted by their heroic actions. They happen to fight a malicious team of villains who call themselves the Brotherhood of Evil (mutants?). It was clear there are a lot of similarities.

I wasn’t familiar with Doom Patrol so I was surprised to find out how users claimed the X-Men are a rip-off of Doom Patrol. When I first saw the patrollers of doom on the Teen Titan show, I initially thought they were very similar to the Fantastic Four. In the cartoon Robotman looked like a robot Thing, an orange powerhouse who can in absolutely no way even pass for human, and all he wants is to be human.

I mean c'mon

Plus, like the Fantastic Four, the Doom Patrol’s leader is a brilliant scientist, like Mr. Fantastic, who stretches, changes size, just like Elastigirl. Doom Patrol also have a flying character, the Negative Man. Like, Human Torch when his powers are in effect, visually, he's a pure manifestation of his power; Negative Man is pure energy, and Torch looks like pure fire. The Fantastic Four and the Doom Patrol were both accidentally turned into super powered beings unwillingly.

Someone tell Mrs. Incredible, Elastigirl called she wants her name back

There are some similarities for sure but there are also some differences. Negative Man isn’t a showoff like Johnny Storm is. The Chief isn’t one for fighting while Reed Richards is willing to get into combat from time to time. Robotman is an unlikeable guy while The Thing is ever loving. Plus, besides being similar stories the X-Men have no characters who have similar powers to the patrollers of doom. The villains of the Brotherhood of Evil have no powers similar to any of the mutants on the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

They would have such a DOPE rivalry

The strangest thing of it all is that the first appearance of the X-Men was in The X-Men #1 which came out in September 10, 1963 while the first appearance of Doom Patrol was in My Greatest Adventure #80 which came out in June 1963. Three month difference. The Fantastic Four’s first appearance was in The Fantastic Four #1 which came out in November 1961.Two years before Doom Patrol.

Am I to believe that Marvel “ripped off” Doom Patrol because it came out 3 months before the X-Men but DC’s Doom Patrol may have been “inspired” by the Fantastic Four which came out 2 years before? What is this? A rip-off or not?

What makes something a rip-off? Is it the powers or the storyline?

Death Battle should make this happen

I have seen a user claim Ultron is a rip-off of Brainiac. Really? A Robot who believes humans should be eradicated and replaced by pure machines is a “rip-off” of an extraterrestrial (sometimes also an android) who seeks the superiority that comes from knowledge. Yes, both are similar because both want to exterminate countless life forms. But, does those few similarities make one a rip-off out of the other one instead of being a possible inspired creation? Brainiac at first was just an extraterrestrial. He later was changed to be an android.

Brainiac being originally a lifeform who becomes a machine is cooler than him being an android

There stories are vastly different from one another and their powers are not exactly the same. Brainiac’s first appearance was almost a decade before Ultron. So, does being “first” make the other similar character a rip-off?

If yes, then what about Aquaman?

Coincidence? I think NOT!

Aquaman debuted in More Fun Comics #73 which was around November 1941. A character with a similar story and similar powers, Namor, first appearance during October 1939 in Marvel Comics #1. Two years before Aquaman ever came out but Aquaman is [NOT] a rip-off of Namor.

Why not? He has similar powers: Aquatic adaptation. A water adapted physiology grants him superhuman strength, endurance, durability, reflexes, agility, dexterity, healing, and senses. Enhanced swimming speed. Only difference is Namor can fly while Aquaman can’t. Arthur instead has marine telepathy that grants him the ability to manipulate sea life. They also have a similar story. Their story is so similar one could easily confuse one with the other.

Why isn’t Aquaman viewed as a rip-off? Why do users defend Aquaman so passionately about how different his personality is to Namor? Why isn’t Thanos defended the same way as Aquaman is?

Thanos does atrocities around the galaxy because he wants to court Death. He is in love with Death. Everything he does is to gain Death’s love. Darkseid wants to eliminate all free will from the universe and reshape it into his own image. He is creating havoc, despair, and genocide to find the Anti-Life Equation, which gives its user complete control over the thoughts and emotions of all living beings in the universe. He is not looking for love like Thanos. They are just as different as Namor is to Aquaman.

(I would have typed more like how Deadpool is a parody and not a ripoff but I fear it may be already too long)

After all of this, I ask you,what is the difference between a character being inspired by another character and a character being a rip-off of another character? What exactly makes a character a rip-off? Is it the powers? Is it the narrative?

What is it? What is this? A rip-off?

Thank you for reading. I truly appreciate it. All comments are welcomed. (+)


ComicVine ERROR... loading... review Avengers Arena: Kill or Die


I've tried several times to post my review but I keep getting an "please select an object" on the "Review Item" no matter how many times I do select one. I decided to make a "blog" review then:


*takes a deep breathe*



This is my first review ever on ComicVine!

second time typing it since my laptop crashed. Oh well.

Shout Out to @Ryonslaught

Let us Begin


This story is inspired by The Hunger Games success, and The Hunger Games was inspired by Battle Royal. Big deal. Art imitates art all the time. Dennis Hopeless (funny last name), Greg Horn (#3), Dave Johnson(#1), Chris Bachalo & Tim Townsend(#2) let the reader know that this isn't an "original" story. Arcade even says on the first issue "Got the idea from a couple kids' books I read in the pen."

This story isn't solely about "heroes" killing each other for survival. They do have flashback memories showing insight on some of the characters in the story. Everyone is fairly interesting in the book. I personally became fond of Cammi, Anachronism (first time typing it without spelling it wrong), and Bloodstone. I loved to hate Nara, and Kid Briton.

Every tradeback (trade paperback, TP, TPB) I've bought promote other volumes of other books. Avengers Arena: Kill or Die promotes Avengers Academy volumes.

I personally had no idea who most of these characters are, and might have never found out about them if it wasn't for this book. This book caught my attention and now I am more familiar with newer characters.


The story feels like something Marvel came up with in hopes to make more money and help promote newer characters. Sadly the story involves killing off characters readers may or may not be emotionally invested in. I personally lost one character on the first issue. It does suck growing fond of Anachronism and knowing he might just end up dying and that's it. The first couple deaths were almost pointless. I say almost because I feel as they unfortunately died to show the reader that there will be characters getting killed.


The ugly truth is this book is selling 30k at least each month. (comichron dot com) The BIG TWO are too big so they make a lot of decisions fans will hate just because there is a chance to make $$$$$. The book isn't a bad read. The book is actually a fun good read, but it isn't a great book. I give it 2/5. I personally want to get the second volume of the series.

5 STARS = It's a Classic

4 STARS = It is definitely a great book

3 STARS = I'd highly recommend it

2 STARS = It's just another comic book.

1 STAR = Overpriced

N0 stars = HATE is a strong word, but I really really really don't like this

ps thanks for reading

( + )


BirTHDAYs iN COMiCs...(+)

What if every comic book character had a birthday with an actual date

making it that every character had a zodiac sign

as far as i kno

they dont

so heres my interpretation

Cykes should be July 11th: Cancer

Logans should be April 12: Aries

Spideys should be August 22: VIrgo

What do u think? (+)

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天:Stuck IN inCeption...(+)

I been wanting for the Longest to write(type) a  Review on the movie Inception but i havent found the time... i have been somewhat busy...
either way.
I was wondering...
The idea of Dreams
i always found them entertaining and always a fun convo... u always learn something new and/or are entertained...
especially when u try to understand them... the meaning the reasoning the interpretation,
i was thinking of asking for help and/or advice
Frankly i jus want to share and i hope others can share too and add their opinions
I had similar dreams on separate occasions on different locations
so im wondering why?
what do they mean?
Like i had a dream where im in a HUGE mall... n i recognize the mall... plus the characters or the population that inhabits this Mall
and its like i kno the history of this "MALL" (museum)... but all the while im trying to figure out WHy im here... why do i kno these people... and where exactly am I
(now im thinking its the kanye west line... "IN MY MEMORIES MUSEUM") 
Either way its always a trip meeting everyone but at the end the same thing happens
IM trying to drop a penny on a wishing well
but its on top of a Huge Pool
when i try to throw the penny(ies)
for some reason they always seem to weigh a Ton
eventually i toss it(them)
and i get attacked for it
Once it was Rottwillers
another time it was some weird shark-like-pirana-dogs that inhabited the Huge Pool
today it was Soldiers/Mercs/Agenst/Swat/Security/Goons
dressed in all Black with the usual high tec-gear
I wake up
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天:Chis Pine Fanboys Ideal Actor

I jus wanna kno.
Im not hatin. 
I jus wanna kno.
Whats so Awesome about Chris Pine.(I seen Star Trak.) I understand he was awesome as Kirk. it made me a fan of a Series i always laughed at. but i swear everyone thinks he would be the best everyone who wears a costume... 
im kidding 
 i seen Fans Say 
Cap should be Pine
Hawkeye should be Pine
Flash should be Pine
Pine can play Human Torch(that was me tho hehehehe)
Pine would make a great GL
Pine wouldnt be bad at DD
so i jus wanna kno. What Role did he play that makes him so Ideal as a Super Hero for so many fans?
i understand the Connection of Pine's Role as Kirk being compared to HAwkeye and Wally West.
But Captain America? GL? DD? i kinda see him as other heroes that i forgot to mention
but seriously Why all the Love?


(天):Why did they Kill Jason Todd?

Seriously Why?... They voted for him to be killed off... but everyone i talked to... Love Jason Todd the Red Hood guy... Villain... etc...
 Cuz i thought it was cuz he was originally a Ginger... and people didnt like to see a Ginger Robin
 but Now that He(Todd) is The Red Hood again... hes a Ginger
 and people are sayin they hate his "new Look" and "New HAircut"
 but... i thought he always Was a Ginger... so is he a Ginger now... or was he always a Ginger?
and if he jus turned into a Ginger... Then Why did the fans Voted for him to be Killed Off?


(天) BATMAN vs Midnighter

Batman(aka Mister Unbeatable) is always prepared for battle and if he isnt he always finds a way to win but how can he win against a man with Powers like Midnighter

Dark Knight Returns

and id like to say... i am in no way tryin to make a Hate Thread... i seriously would like to know what u guys think about these two fighting
i jus want to read peoples stories in their heads
theres no right or wrong answer
Jus Opinions
the post that stand out the most will receive a worthless trophy
which is 
a reply from ME
 id love to reply to everyone but 
n im BROKE
(thats me sharing by being cryptic)
dont ask me what cryptic means please... jus google it. bing it. aol it. yahoo it. ask jeeves

天:How Can U Tell?

Seriously How can u tell some characters apart... without the writer telling u...
Theres 4 People that go by the name Flash
Theres 4 People that go by the name Robin
Theres 2 Guys that called themselves Ghost Rider
theres 4 (earth?)GLs
and etc(i cant think of the several others)
So How can U tell the difference...
Mainly with Flash and Ghost Rider... 

^^^^ Whos That...(i kno its Kyle but only cuz the Writer told me)... Look... Stewart(Black Guy)... Garner(Ginger/Ugly Haircut)... but seriously how can u tell who is Kyle and who is HAl?... seriously... i always thought... White Gloves(^^^^) meant thats HAl... but with This(^^^^) pic... now i dunno... so how can u tell... is it different characteristics? i mean is HAl a goodie toe shoes and Kyle a Funny man... seriously HOW CAN U TELL?

Who is that? seriously... is it  Jay Garrick?(No he always wears that ugly helmet?)... is it Bary Allen?... Wally West?... BArt Allen?... HOW CAN U TELL? is it the Wing Tips? The Logo?... Characteristics?...



Who is that?... Jonny Blaze?... Danny Ketch?... HOW CAN U TELL?... is it his bike?... His Skull? His Flames?... 



^^^^^^ i seriously thought that was suppose to be Tim... not DIck... until the Writer/show... told me... his name... or In Teen Titans Case... i saw him as Nightwing...
 So how can u tell?

^^^^ who is that?... Jason Todd?... Dick Grayson?... Tim...Wayne(Drake)?... And HOW CAN U TELL?

天:Crisis On 2 Earths

its  a Bad @$$ movie u should watch it... pretty cool... so was Public Enemies(Bats and Supes)... Also WOnder Woman... but this One... this one is too Awesome...IMO... all because of Owlman... boy is he bad @$$