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I'm tired of people killing people and then claiming they have a no kill rule... NOW... sounds egotistical to me. (+)

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Cool. I'm glad I had something worth saying.

1. Wanted depressed me so much on film. Argh.

2. I'm with and also against the parallel universe concept. I know that mediums don't overlap so I take the differences with a few grains of salt. The comic Batman is different from the movie from the cartoon from the video games etc. The idea is that the essence of the character exists in every medium. Sometimes there is a point where so much is different from the source material that Hollywood shouldn't have even bothered to adapt a comic property. Wanted is a great example. If they named that movie "Shooter" and changed the names of the characters nobody would have ever realized that it was meant to be based on the comic. Looking at MoS or the Avengers for example, those movies do manage to capture the essence of what makes the characters and stories great.

If a decision works I'm all for it,even if it isn't dead on with the comics. Michael Clark Duncan was the best cast actor in Daredevil. Making Juggernaut a mutant worked better then spending time trying to shoehorn in his mystic origins. If it doesn't work and ruins something I love? I'm a lot less for it. Superman turning back time as a plot device or being a stalker dad are a few examples.

4. I'm with you there. Will Smith plays Will Smith doing X, whether X is being a cowboy or a jet pilot or the last man alive. I don't have the most faith in him, but I also have not seen some of his most acclaimed work. So I guess I'll just have to hope for the best. I generally don't want A list actors involved simply because plot then seems to center around them. Halle Barry as Storm in the Wolverine and pals X-Men franchise for example. While she wasn't able to take the main character reins from Wolverine, she sure stole the spotlight from Cyclops and Jean.

I. I actually enjoyed the film a lot and the book. I have a friend who thinks the film and the book are lousy. Everything is subjective.

II. I think we disagree here. I'm all for parallel universe, especially if it makes things less weird like Juggernaut being a mutant cleared everything up easily.

IV. I didn't notice Storm stealing the spotlight. I just saw Logan and I understand because... he is the most popular. It just makes sense to me. I know a lot of Wolverine fans who have no idea his name is James Howlett and/or never bough a comicbook in their life. (+)

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Swamp Thing got cancelled


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Marvel just wants me to stop buying their comics. The don't think I'm willing to leave. They think I'm bluffing.

Harbinger has been treating me good so far.
I just read DEADLY CLASS this weeknd


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Their soul, aura, energy, vibe, I honestly don't know what is the correct term to call it. I say aura though. The aura of a person is what keeps me. Other things can attract me, eyes (I'm a sucker for eyes), hips (sucker for hips too), style (I adore a woman with a fashion sense fye: doesn't mean pricey), personality (a good personality is always attractive), background (the story of a person will catch my interest), but it is their aura that keeps me. I have meet people with similar personalities, background, style, but everyone has their own signature aura. (+)

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@rd189 said:

Good writing, a bit overlong though, ill admit to not finishing the whole thing.

I'm just glad people are getting a Suicide Squad movie.

Thank you. I will work on making my future post more concise. I have a problem with making them too long.

@jaken7 said:

@yung_ancient_one: Bruh, don't worry. Didn't mean to come off aggravated, I just thought that passage was slightly ironic is all.

It's a really, really solid write-up on your part, actually.

I appreciate it. Again, I read your post and thought, "Oh no. I hope I didn't piss this user off. This users cool." (+)

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Wanted was so far off from the source material, Fox being white was one of the lesser changes. Craptastic movie. Great read.

I'm not the biggest fan of alterations that are made to the source material unless things just don't translate to real life from the comics. That said, Black Johnny Storm is less an issue then his sister for me. I can't stand Kate Mara.

Long story short, I don't think it's wrong to be upset about changes, be they race, gender, costume, origin, characterization, etc. Some people seem to be throwing down "racist" or "sexist" to shame others into not sharing how they feel about pop culture.

And getting into specifics, Deadshot being black won't be an issue for me. Will Smith deciding to play Will Smith instead of Deadshot may be an issue for me.

I specifically wanted to reply to you. I don't know I missed you.

I. True, WANTED was far off from the source material.

II. I don't think there is anything wrong, per say, to "be upset about changes, be they race, gender, costume, origin, characterization, etc." However, I do think it isn't that serious and most folks should let it go because at the end of the day it is a parallel universe.

III. I think you bring up a good point about throwing words around for the sake of winning an argument or "shaming" others for not having the same feelings about pop culture.

IV. Yeah, I'm not a huge fan of established actors taking the role of a popular Super Hero or Super Villain. However, Robert Downey JR, Dave Bautista, and Heath Ledger showed me that an established actor can still carry my suspension of disbelief. But, yeah, every time I watch a Will Smith movie (hell I call them Will Smith movies for crying out loud) I just see Will Smith. There's Will Smith as a match maker. There's Will Smith surviving the apocalypse, there's Will Smith struggling to get a job, there's Will Smith as a fish. Still, though, I'm excited for the film. (+)

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@ryagan: Neither does the OP. The title was used to attract you're attention, the Op is basically saying it does not matter.

Thank you for reading. I honestly appreciate it.

IMO, only racist nerds care. General film audiences don't give a cr@p.

Did you read my entire OP? I gave quite a few examples on how most nerds/geeks aren't inherently racist but just have proprietary issues.

i have more problems with suck -arse bad costumes that have nothing to do with the characters. I hated the X-Men costumes in the first 3 films. Loved Heimdal in Thor. Don't recall the Stan and Jack version being Jamaican, but I didn't care.

I resent a healthy female character being played by a skinny-arse anorexic (sending a bad message) than whether the actress is Angela Bassett versus Jennifer Anniston.

I respect your point of view. I think the subject you bring up is exactly what I'm talking about when I posted that "There are more important things for our community to be concerned about than seeing a biracial Wally West."

@scouterv said:
@mr_clockwork91 said:

@yung_ancient_one: I have always felt like there are certain characters that aren't or shouldn't be race changeable like Batman or Iron Man. However some characters I feel like it doesn't matter as long as they get the heart and feel for the characters right. Deadshot happens to be one of these characters that can be interchangeable.

I don't know. I think it would be interesting to see Bruce Wayne portrayed by a black guy. Just because it's one way some place, doesn't mean it can't be another in another universe.

And maybe in one universe, Bruce Wayne was a black guy and Alfred is an Asian woman, (obviously with a different name.)

I agree with ScouterV. I am a sucker for parallel universes and I think it would be cool to see that the all mighty Batman is a "BAMF" because he's the goddamn Batman and not just because he's a white Batman.

Everyone has a favorite character that they want to see portrayed correctly in the movies. To me, Will Smith as Deadshot is as wrong as it gets. If Will Smith was playing Batman, there would be riots.

There were online riots because Ben Affleck is going to be Batsman... so I wouldn't be surprised if they would be upset about Smith getting the role of Bruce Wayne.


now this is a quality post! (0_o)d

Thank you. (+)

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@hayden86 said:

Good post! Thanks for the good read!

Thank you.

Neither is will smith

I love your humor. This literally made me laugh out loud.

Am I racist for preferring Smith to play as Black Manta or Bronze Tiger than Deadshot?

No you are not. But Bronze Tiger? No way should he play Bronze Tiger. Michael Jai White should play him or Black Panther to me. I can see Will Smith playing Mr. Terrific.

He (Michael Jai White) already did. Have you watched Arrow? I'm not a huge fan but Michael Jai White comes out on a few episodes.

@jaken7 said:

If you do not read my post in its entirety and decide to reply even though you have not finished reading, do not be surprised if I reply to your reply with a suggestion to finish reading.

I do not know how many times users have posted on my blog and their post clearly shows they did not finish reading. All posts are welcomed though.

Maybe use a title that isn't such blatant inflammatory clickbait then.

I hope your not angry. I interpreted your post being agitated. I didn't mean to agitate anyone. I spend a good amount of time on my blogs and do not want them to be overlooked do to a generic title. I like to make my titles worthy of catching other peoples attention. I also would like you to know that I am not trying to aggravate you. I consider you a solid Viner. I respect your posts.

I really wanted Bronze Tiger to get a boost in popularity from this movie.

Exactly! There are so many opportunities to put people over that end up being untapped because instead of promoting a character, they rather ride the wave of a already popular character.

@jayc1324 said:

Didn't read the entire thing, but I don't think it's racist to be upset about a race change. But I think people need to understand why they are done as well, and understand that its just a movie, a standalone interpretation of the character

I actually talk about how this film is a "standalone interpretation" as well that most complaints do not come from racists.

Honestly I'm more worried that its Will Smith. The actor who plays Deadshot could be an Eskimo for all I care but I don't think Deadshot fits in Smith's wheelhouse.

I understand.

@dernman said:

Geez there is so much wrong with this that even the parts I agree with I want to argue. I must resist, I will resist. You wont catch me in your trap.

Do you have a personal vendetta with me? You always seem to tease me with a counter argument but never actually post it. I respect you as a solid Viner but it seems you dislike me or soemthing. I don't mind a counter argument. I am always civil. Why do you constantly tease me?

@hayden86 said:

@transformers1024: and a plus one for my man T-former ! It really affects the writing of books to a point. Scott Snyder could have a killer idea but a movie project and higher ups might "guide" scott in away to tie in to a movie or other event.

I agree. It can be problematic but I don't view it as a huge dilemma.

@yung_ancient_one: because the films are a parallel universe

I read your entire post hoping to see those words, and I did. I thank you for that.

Personally, I don't mind. However, I am curious to wonder if a black character had ever been turned white for something, and what the response was to that.

But in all reality, it doesn't matter. Especially in franchises that establish multiple universes and versions of it's characters. Hell in the Daredevil movie Kingpin was black and he was the best damn part of the film. I'll with hold judgment of Smith or anyone else until I see the movie. If it's good, and I'm entertained, and I like his portrayal of the character's personality (which is most important) then good on him. If not, he shouldn't have been cast as Deadshot. Because character portrayal in most important.

But, some of my favorite characters aren't the norm, even for comic standards.

Thank you for reading. And, thank you for sharing.

probably took this guy years to create this thread.

Nope. More like 2 hours and a half.

I'm not reading all that when I probably got the gist in the title. I was neutral when hearing Will Smith was Deadshot. All I care about is Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn.

You should read the OP. The title is solely to catch your attention.


I want to reply to the rest of you but LIFE is calling again. I shall be back. (+)