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I'm all for the big MARVEL change they are making, exempli gratia: Falcon as Cap, Wolverine-23, Miles Morales, Old Man Logan, et cetera. However, I am not a fan of this new Star-Lord. It doesn't make sense to me. I feel like they are just doing it now for the sake of doing it. I mean they already pushed it with Thor. I don't mind Jane Foster being Thor. I mind her having his name. I would have preferred if it turned out to be Valkyrie and then she kept her name. Still, this new Star-Lord is too much. I mean Quill isn't even an established commodity. It isn't like Rogers, Parker, Logan, or hell even Thor. I feel like Quill's popularity is barely rising to a top star level (thanks to the film), and they are changing Star-Lord because, ALL NEW ALL DIFFERENT?

Not feeling it but whatever.(+)

SIDEBAR: I really want X-23 to cut her hair. I did the costume and her taking the mantle but her having long hair is what to me. Why can't we have a female hero who has short hair, like Furiosa (Mad Max), or Jack (Mass Effect)?

I'd like to see her with short hair but that's just me. And, "real" Logan should stay dead for a couple more years. Please make his death mean something for a while like Nightcrawler's. (+)

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Only when they are a Anti-Villain. I always hear talks about Anti-Heroes. What about Anti-Villains? (+)

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Who is Ben Kenobi? Obi-Wan? (+)

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So glad she's wearing a skirt & body armor and not that ridiculous bathing suit.

Lex Luthor looks like a BAMF. He's the only reason why I'm thinking about watching this film. (+)

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All of these titles look amazing but due to time constraints and budgets, I'm interested in Ringside. I'll be keeping an eye out for that series. I trade wait tho... so... I'm thinking that series will last for a while. (+)

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@ravenvice01: Yeah, Nobody would have been sweet. I still like Jane Doe tho, (:P)... because I think she could have wanted to wear Batman's skin but felt like she needed that Arkham Knight armor to be able to defeat batman. Plus, it would have been a nice spin on things. Like, what? He's a chick? Either way, I don't care much. I'm not a Batman fan and I would not play that game unless it comes with Alternate skins to play as someone other than Batman the entire game.


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I think all my answers are going to be during an emergency. I don't have the imagination to come up with funny responses. If I had one super power I could only use once, I'll use it during an emergency. (+)

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@degalon: It actually makes sense to me if he ends up being bisexual or if o5 Iceman ends up being from a parallel universe. (+)

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@yung_ancient_one: most of the time new characters in comic books don't get the zeal or fandom that the creator was looking. It's easier just to enhance existing characters in new ways.

True, but I still would prefer a new character or if not to enhance a obscure older character. I would have liked it if it ended up being Nobody or Jane Doe. I think that would have been fun and exciting. I'm getting tire of having Jason Todd be a villain. He should be a anti-hero from now on. (+)