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@m3th said:

You EVIL MOTHA EFFFER! How can you force anyone to make tHis decision botH are ridiculously drop dead gorgeous.



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Teach children to stand up for themselves. For me, the biggest problem with Bullying is that schools promote kids to "let it go" or tattletale. They do not promote kids to stand up for themselves. Because kids don't want to be the "heel" of the confrontation, they hold back. Holding back creates more animosity. They end up having more built up aggression.

Kids need to release their aggression. Kids should be promoted to stand up for themselves. The problem with promoting kids to stand up for themselves is that they might get into a physical confrontation and the biggest problem with the males in society today is that they aren't man enough to take an L. Boys today are scared to lose. It is like the movie FRIDAY, back in the day you just needed two fits. "You lose some, you win some, but you live. You live to fight another day."

Now some kids are punks. They can't take a loss. I think violence is a necessary evil because unfortunately humans aren't evolved enough to solve a disagreement with pure communication. (+)

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I guess the hype that Valiant is becoming as big as the BIG TWO is nothing but HYPE. Image is still holding the throne of being the biggest outside of the BIG TWO. Plus, I like getting a confirmation that besides Batman sales, MARVEL is beating DC. I don't say it to brag. I just like to point out the facts of the matter.

I honestly would prefer if Detective Comics (comics) would be beating MARVEL. I always viewed The House of Ideas to be the underdogs but ever since (evil) Disney bought them things changed. Marvel stopped being independent. Oh well... (+)

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I haven't finished it. It was trippy though. I'm sure it has a deep meaning, a moral to its story. I just haven't made the time to finish it. The film is quite long in my opinion but then again, I can't watch movies like I used to. (+)

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@yung_ancient_one: I feel like Leto would kill it, that's my personal opinion though. He's one hell of an actor, did you see or hear how he prepped for Dallas Buyers Club? Dude spent time with transexuals to see how they acted/spoke/reacted so on and so forth, but I do believe he'd be a great strange. He's old enough too haha

I didn't hear about that but I believe it. I've seen him gain weight for his other role. I'm not a huge fan so I'm not familiar with everything he does. However, I do remember hearing that he gained a lot of weight for a role and then quickly took it off. If he's dedicated, he's devoted completely to the task. (+)

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@blade_r said:

Yeah I personally think a lot of artists do this.

As much as I love hip-hop this is why (IMO) a lot of (Not all) hip-hop being released now and recently is dumbed down garbage, because they know they can half ass their music and a bunch of people eat it up regardless.

Why cook and serve steak or lobster when the consumer will settle for a microwaved burrito? Lol

What Blade_R said. This idea that artists are giving the audience bad music on purpose has been brought up quite a lot. I have heard people say this about 50 since his 1st album is a classic but the rest lack the it factor Get Rich [...] had. I mean I have even heard that AB-Soul's "These Days" is a album where he intentionally makes bad music to show the world what kind of music is popular 'these days.' Another friend says his album is to show what he's going through because he is depressed.

Regardless, I am getting off topic. WHat I'm trying to say is, this idea has been brought up quite a few times. (+)

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@iragexcudder: Yeah. I agree. I think he would do it if it wasn't for the possible commitment as I stated. He would prefer to focus on music and as far as I've seen he'll do one flick then, music, music music. Therefore, I can see him doing one Dr. Strange film but not wanting to do another one. I think MARVEL plans on making Dr. Strange part of the Avengers or if not the Defenders so whoever gets casted for the role we'll probably see them on a Avengers film or Defenders show.

Can you imagine Jared Leto as Strange though? I can picture him with his long hair all messed up with his epic beard in a dark room moving his hands in circles creating a blue lightiningish flame. (+)

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@malachi_munroe: True. However, Logan should be dead for at least a year. I just think the trite story of love needs to be included in every series or if not at least some attraction or some other kind of love. (+)

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@yung_ancient_one: Honestly, their personalities do compliment each other, his rage to her compassion yada yada yada..

RoLo is big thing for me. :)

I see. Would you like Rogue's flight and superstrength to return?

I respect it. I'm sure they are a good match but for me... I aint really feeling it. I honestly would rather see Logan with Jean for a while just to get an answer of whether or not they are meant for each other. I want them to be the best couple or be the worse. I just need an official canon on whether their relationship was a good one or not.

Talking about relationships, do either of you think Oro should get a love interest in her new solo series? And, since Logan will be dead, who do you think Oro should date?

On Rogue, I honestly could care less. I am not a huge fan of her. I had a crush on her when I was a young buck but now I'm not interested in her current storyline. I'm a bigger fan of Psylocke if anything. I am more interested in Emma Frost's, Oro's, X-23's, and Pryde's storylines than Rogue. (+)

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I. On commentary: Taz and whatever his name is on TNA both SUCK. They sound like they genuinely don't give a **** about the match. They sound like, "let's get this over with." They both suck.

However, at least they make an effort. KING! King needs to get fire. Instead of firing Evan Bourne, they should have fired King. He rarely says anything and when he does it sounds so force like he honestly couldn't care less.

Cole is a mic hog. He's clearly fat off of the money. He's a dancing monkey. There is a reason why GDYC exists.

I think JBL is probably the best from them 4. He sounds like he's trying to enjoy himself while commenting on the match.

"So your Irish" comment sounded like a comment about how WWE handles Irish wrestlers exactly the same way which explains why Sheamus was like... yeah well you know... WWE is a racist company.


II. Heel tag teams are RybAxel, Slater Gator, Rowland and Harper.

I like "Lucha Lucha" in spanish it means a lot it means Fight Fight, Or Wrestle Wrestle. It is a sign of the crowd loving wrestling or wanting them to Fight ON.

PLus, I find it weird that y'all dislike Ascension. You both are all about silly/stupid gimmicks but Ascension's gimmick offends/irks you?


III. Jerry Lawler have worn the king of spades bedazzled shirt several times already.


IV. I thought Ambrose eulogy was solid. They acknowledged that Ambrose is gone and Reigns finally came out to fight him.


V. I made it to 41 minutes. I might come back to finish listening or I might not.

Thanks for reading.