Epic Rap Battles of History: Sokka vs. Deadpool






From the farthest reaches of the Marvel Universe

comes that man with a plan,

that king of the sword swing,

makes you sorry to be a human being.

Deadpool (Crashes down in a ball of fire)


Hey bro

now let me know

how did you like that intro?

Bam, slam, kablam!

Hotshot, Transformers


But seriously I think it's time

to show you just how phat I rhyme.

Helped save the world?

Now that's real neat.

The thing is I do that

three times a week.

Now I could shoot you with my gun

nine rounds now, soon won't be none.

Or I could get you with my sword

then I really won't be bored.

But this verse is almost over

so I'll say before I'm done

ponytail-0, Deadpool-1


Wow you're random

really a real nut

Between you and me

can you keep your mouth shut?

You spew out more words

than a teapot does steam

I wonder if you're on

the cactus juice regime.

You've got a real mouth

I can surely compare.

Cause when you start talking

does anyone care?

You think you're all that

the big she-bang

I'll beat you down

with my trusty boomerang.


You had one good show

and that was your peak.

I'm original, stylin'

and certainly unique.

They know me as

the Merc with a Mouth.

But you, ha

you're just some dude from the South.

Gonna' grab some burgers

and fries fo' sho'

And there's probably somethin'

you should really know.

Toot toot, beep beep

I'll take this serving to go

by the way read this (Hands him the Promise book series)

Suki's hot for Zuko.



Suki: What. (Looks) Oh.

Now before you get mad

first let me explain.

But don't listen to this guy

he's freakin' insane.

There's nothing going on between

me and your friend.

Truth be told

I prefer unmarred men.

Not like this freak

he's so ugly you'll sob

And what's your girlfriend's name?

Oh yeah right, it's Bob.

Come on Sokka

don't be so blue

together we'll show him

what water can do.

Tag Team Combo!

Su: His name's Deadpool

So: He's a real fool

Su: Can't handle ice

So: cause he's not cool

Su: Wears a mask

So: more like a bed sheet

Su: cause underneath

So: he looks like ground meat

Su: Couldn't lose to him

So: even with a bribe

Su: Your name is Sokka

So: Water Tribe

Who Won?

Whose Next?

You Decide.


Epic Rap Battles of History: Naruto Uzamaki vs. Spider-man

Naruto Uzamaki




Naruto: I'll tell you right now Spidey,

you don't stand a chance.

From what I've seen from your movies

You can't even really dance.

Your life sucks, oh so bad

it's made of epic fail

and if the rumors are true

you got drunk off ginger ale

No, I get that you're good,

you've had a long run

You had four shows

in the time I had one.

Now that's what I'd call a win

or a winnish

Truth be told half of them

never even got to finish.

Spider-man: Spider-sense tingling,

warning me of danger

but all I can see

is this midget, orange, Power Ranger.

You're pretty impressive kid

I really must confess

but to be bluntly honest

your life's a real mess

You've always got some crazy screwed up ninja thing to fight

but no matter how hard you try

it never turns out right.

You've got quite a few girls

as many as me maybe

but your so dim you can't even tell

that they wanna have your baby.

Naruto: So you've got a lot of girls

That's no reason to boast

'cause what happened to the one girl

you cared about the most?

Oh, that's right you sold your marriage

to some dude that's on fire.

And for what ?

Your old aunt who was about to expire.

You've made a lot of bad decisions

more than Kirk without Spock

and that's why your body now belongs to Doc Ock.

Don't look so mad Spidey

I've got something that will boost you

Here have a taste of my new Sexy Clone Jutsu.

Spider-man: You're weird kid so listen

this battle's all mine

so do me a favor

and quit wasting my time.

Why don't you swoon over Sasuke

and have a hissy fit

your lose is inevitable

so I tell you, Believe it!

From what I can see

I've already one this fight.

The Neighborhood Spider

beat the ninja transvestite.

This is what I had. Tell me what you think or make your own.


Holiday villains: Issue 1

Earlier this week Brock Rumlow, also known as the villain Crossbones was found innocent in a court case involving the death of beloved holiday icon Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service says that Mr. Rumlow was not at fault as it was within season and that despite protests, he was released earlier today, as well as being allowed to claim the buck. When questioned Crossbones had this to say: "I don't get what all the (expletive deleted) fuss is about. All I did was shoot a (expletive deleted) deer. I just want all this (expletive deleted) people to leave me the (expletive deleted) alone."

When asked what he would do with the remains he stated: "Ah i'll probably sell the meat to the highest bidder and keep the nose for some kind of lamp bulb or something. Then i'll sharpen the antlers for some kind of knife to stab Cap with."

Mr. Rumlow was then promptly arrested for making death threats against Captain America.

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Stolen Ideas (Avengers Spoiler Warning)

Have you ever had that feeling that somewhere in space the government has satellites that scan your brain for information? Well after seeing the Avengers that's how I feel. The way they defeated the alien horde at the climax seemed all too familiar to me. In 2006 i wrote a sci-fi story for a class project: Gundam/ crest of the stars crossover. In the story the gundam characters defeated the invaders in the same fashion. That also wasn't the first time. Months before Phil took the mantle of hobgoblin i thought to myself: what would happen if Phil Urich became the goblin to impress a girl. Also in Naruto the creator Kishimoto said that their were no strong samurai in the show outside of two weaklings from the first few episodes. So i came up with the concept of samurai using the same energy the ninja have to make their swords like lightsabers. Almost three years later it happens in the books the exact same way. Now it might just be me but this seems too coincidental.


Idea for a new Mini-series

I had a decent idea to give the character closure I think should have been handled before now. In his original mini he crossed a crime boss who wanted revenge on him for the death of his family. The series idea would involve a 5 issue comic incompassing his attempts to keep his family safe while respecting his wife's wishes to keep his distance from them. Each issue would have him team up with a hero or villain that played some part in his past. Ex. Madame Masque, Gravity, Tigra, with each of those meetings giving some closure to each of their relations.


Serpent Society. Where are they now?

Ever since I was little i've had a fascination with reptiles. Used to collect plastic dinosaurs and snakes. So when i found out there was a team made entirely of snake themed villains i was excited to say the least. Here's a team of villains that actually works together, has benefits, and now and again beats the heroes.

For years they battled Captain America, the X-Men, and in one universe they even killed Spider-man. But now you rarely see the team. Most members have retired ,(Side Winder, Rock Python) split from the group, (Boomslang, Diamondback) or in the case of mutant members( Puff Adder, Slither) been de-powered. Now I think there down to five members. I personally think this team hasn't gotten the recognition it deserves and really hope they make a revamped team with new members.

Battle for the Vault

 Batroc's Brigade has been hired to steal a priceless item placed in the National bank only to find the Enforcers already in the process of clearing the vault of all it's contents. Who will win this battle between the Merciless Multinational Mercenaries and the Brutal Brooklyn Brawlers. Both Teams fight with their signature styles, no firearms.
Batroc's Brigade Consists of:  

Chaos War
  Enforcers consist of: 

MontanaFancy Dan
OxHammer Harrison
Snake Marston