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Cyclops definitely has the power in his optic blasts to end this in range but the deciding factor for Ninjak to win is speed. Speed gets him inside, speed gives him the advantage in hand to hand combat with fast, lethal blows. Scott may have excellent countering skills but Ninjak's quick inside shots will make it extremely difficult for Scott to protect himself. The biggest mistake Ninjak can make is letting Cyclops control the fight by keeping him at a distance. His master hacking skills can also give him a good opening if he is able hack into the grid to knock out the street lights. He can make good use of the dark and that, coupled with his agility and stealth tech can put a quick end to the fight.

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Nice to see one of my favorite DD villains again. How many kids did this guy have?

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@i_dont_like_comics: Of course it was parodied before. Robot Chicken , Family Guy and about a thousand others, duh. I'm saying that Disney is saturating it with all the ones they are doing in one big heap. To top that off they don't look appealing in the slightest.Then there were the game cancellations with 1313 being one of LucasArts' more daring games getting scraped along with the Battlefront series. It seems to me that Disney doesn't really know how to handle the properties they buy they just get them so they can corner the market on kids entertainment.

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I don't understand. What is Marvel's problem with having an all Japanese cast from a book series that was based in Japan? And on top of that they changed almost everyone's origin stories and powers.

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@i_dont_like_comics: Disney owns Marvel which gives them leeway into what can and can't be in the films if they got the rights back from Sony. Just look at what they're doing with Starwars with the Disney crossovers, parodies and retcons. If Sony loses the rights I don't have much faith in what they'll do with it.

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I don't want to see ASM 3 because ASM 2 SUCKED!!!!!!!

Sony, give Spidey back to MARVEL!!!

So Disney can get their greasy mits on it? They've already shown they can't make a decent cartoon.

But I definitely want Mysterio. Would be funny if thy got Michael Bay, the king of special effects to play him or at least an assistant in a scene. Also maybe Shocker. He's been in most of the Spider-man games.

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I wouldn't read it. I didn't like it when Doc Ock took over. Won't lie and say I'd read it if he were.

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Yes, the Hood is back. I was really hoping he'd get the focus. And he's about to get rolled by teenagers again. Well he's back anyway and that's all that matters to me.

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Any particular reason Bulldozer is so small or did I miss a whole lot of something?

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While he may be coming back, look at what he's coming back to after all the stuff Doc Ock has done in his body. After the whole Goblin thing is over he's still blackmailed the mayor, killed an unarmed man, beat two pranksters into a near coma, rubbed several dozen heroes the wrong way, entered a relation with a woman who Peter has never met before, yelled at Aunt May, messed with time and space, burned the bridge of trust he had with Sandman, scared Mary Jane with the symbiote trauma again, and I'm sure there's more I'm not naming. He'll basically be back to square one again and worst case scenario: Doc Ock's in his head now.