Battle for the Vault

 Batroc's Brigade has been hired to steal a priceless item placed in the National bank only to find the Enforcers already in the process of clearing the vault of all it's contents. Who will win this battle between the Merciless Multinational Mercenaries and the Brutal Brooklyn Brawlers. Both Teams fight with their signature styles, no firearms.
Batroc's Brigade Consists of:  

Chaos War
  Enforcers consist of: 

MontanaFancy Dan
OxHammer Harrison
Snake Marston

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Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

Batrocs brigade, naturally (I`d assume). 4 of those guys have something sharp with what to take care of these guys. And two of those guys with the sharp thingees are swordwielders. Yep, I`d guess that the Enforforcers are boned. But, anything can happend.  

Posted by Shadowsnake89
It's not going to be easy for the Enforcers but I thought Montana would be able to trip them up with his lasso and bullwhip. As well as Fancy Dan's speed and Marston's contortion ability.
Posted by webofthornns

I'd say Batroc's Brigade easily takes this
Posted by Dreaded Porcupine

Any team with the Porcupine will win of course. Where is Whirlwind? He was a member of the Brigade as well. The enforcers would have no chance with his speed. Replace Zaran or Machete with him.
Posted by Shadowsnake89
@Dreaded Porcupine: Added Whirlwind but to make it fair Added Eel to the Enforcers. Page came out wrong and they don't show up though.
Posted by Dreaded Porcupine

Now it's a fair fight.