Epic Rap Battles of History: Naruto Uzamaki vs. Spider-man

Naruto Uzamaki




Naruto: I'll tell you right now Spidey,

you don't stand a chance.

From what I've seen from your movies

You can't even really dance.

Your life sucks, oh so bad

it's made of epic fail

and if the rumors are true

you got drunk off ginger ale

No, I get that you're good,

you've had a long run

You had four shows

in the time I had one.

Now that's what I'd call a win

or a winnish

Truth be told half of them

never even got to finish.

Spider-man: Spider-sense tingling,

warning me of danger

but all I can see

is this midget, orange, Power Ranger.

You're pretty impressive kid

I really must confess

but to be bluntly honest

your life's a real mess

You've always got some crazy screwed up ninja thing to fight

but no matter how hard you try

it never turns out right.

You've got quite a few girls

as many as me maybe

but your so dim you can't even tell

that they wanna have your baby.

Naruto: So you've got a lot of girls

That's no reason to boast

'cause what happened to the one girl

you cared about the most?

Oh, that's right you sold your marriage

to some dude that's on fire.

And for what ?

Your old aunt who was about to expire.

You've made a lot of bad decisions

more than Kirk without Spock

and that's why your body now belongs to Doc Ock.

Don't look so mad Spidey

I've got something that will boost you

Here have a taste of my new Sexy Clone Jutsu.

Spider-man: You're weird kid so listen

this battle's all mine

so do me a favor

and quit wasting my time.

Why don't you swoon over Sasuke

and have a hissy fit

your lose is inevitable

so I tell you, Believe it!

From what I can see

I've already one this fight.

The Neighborhood Spider

beat the ninja transvestite.

This is what I had. Tell me what you think or make your own.

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Posted by xlab3000

that was a good rap battle. Spiderman wins in my opinion.

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I say Naruto owned him.

Especially that Doc Ock reference, that had to hurt a lot worse than anything Spidey could say LOL.

Posted by xlab3000
Posted by The_Legendary_SuperSaiyan_Hulk

Spiderman won that

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That's no reason to boast

'cause what happened to the one girl

you cared about the most?

And with this line Spiderman is Owned

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Spidey also go to infinite source on youtube, or look up rap battle naruto vs sasuke or Spidey vs Wolvie, they're beast

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Lyrics were pretty spot on. Naruto attacking his personal life on the level he did sealed the deal for me.

Posted by joewell

@shadowsnake89: You make this? ITS FLIPPING AWESOME

But yeah, great fight. And Naruto wins

Posted by New_World_Order

Awesome ! You should make more.

Posted by Paro

Naruto owns it

Posted by Wardemon32

Sipderman won HANDS DOWN

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ha ha ha

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i liked it but.... it's unfair. you have more lines for Naruto than for Spidey and also some spelling mistakes. other than that it's cool, I totally read it with their voices in my mind

Posted by Shadowsnake89

@joewell: Yeah I made it up at work and wrote it out during lunch. I want to post it on Youtube someday. I think I might make a few more. Maybe use some Avatar characters.

Posted by joewell



I love Avatar

And if i can't make a suggestion

Sokka vs Deadpool