List of various dastardly assassins.

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Posted by Jerry Seinfeld

Neat list.
Posted by gambit987

cool list but one advice you should ad Ghost (marvel)

Posted by mightiness
@gambit987:  I never thought of him as an assassin. I saw him as more of just corporate espionage
Posted by bugs01

uhmmm... how about deadshot?

Posted by arrowfan237

Nice but missing Grant Wilson, Deathstroke's half brother (forgot name.)(goes under ravager.), Merlyn, and Deadshot.
Posted by RoninTheFury

Were(are) Deadpool and X-23 not once classified as assassins? great list!

Posted by supa_sonic03

sweet page

Posted by _Cain_

Forgot Deadshot, The Secret Six, Merlyn, Cheshire, Grant Wilson, Rose and a few others.

Posted by mightiness

@shadowknight666:Didn't forget them I just didn't include them. In fact Deathstroke is the only DC character I included on my list.

Posted by _Cain_

@mightiness: Why Did you not put them?

Posted by fluffypigeons