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Brief history

Foreigner, also the former husband to the mercenary known as Silver Sable, came to New York City when he was trying to make a reputation for himself in the criminal underworld. A former soldier and in peek condition, both in strategic planning and physical condition, he managed to form a large group of followers, and soon become a recognized and mayor player in the organized crime in New York. This made him a frequent advisory to many of the New York based superheroes such as Spider-Man and the Black Cat. He even tried to assassinate some of the superheroes, but always true someone else, never lending a finger on anyone himself. This made it very hard for most police agencies to prove that he was in fact working in organized crime. Foreigner was even responsible for killing Ned Leeds, whom at the time was thought to be the real Hobgoblin. After some time, Foreigner left the scene, and was not much heard from ever since. His current whereabouts are unknown.

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