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 Scimitar is the master of bladed weapons.
Scimitar is a master of bladed weapons and comes from a long generation of warriors. Scimitar would come into conflict with Iron Fist when he comes to Central London to meet Major Gamal Hassan of the Halwani Revolutionary Army. Iron Fist in his civilian clothing hears a commotion in an alley below as he waits near the meeting point stated in Hassan's note. Daniel Rand helps a former revolutionary terrorist named Alan Cavenaugh from his former gang called the Walker's Mob. Scimitar and one of his men named Rakim witnessed the fight and knew that the two civilians were near the target house. Scimitar knew that Iron Fist was nearby and wanted to kill him so bad. Rand and Cavenaugh enter the target house and discover Hassan's body perched on a wall with a note stating that all traitors must die. Two gunmen open fire but Rand and Cavenaugh escape into another room. Cavenaugh starts to block the door with some crates while Rand changes into Iron Fist. Scimitar appears from behind and slashes Iron Fist in the back. The two warriors engage in fierce combat when they land outside near some train tracks. The two combatants wrestle with each other when a train speeds towards them. They evade the train and Iron Fist sees Cavenaugh chase after Scimitar. The master of bladed weapons pulls out a dagger and slashes Cavenaugh in the stomach. Iron Fist somersaults over Scimitar and hits him with a side kick. Scimitar is a little groggy from the blow and gets flipped over by Iron Fist. Scimitar is taken out when Iron Fist connects with his Double Sword Hand strike.  


Scimitar was created by artist John Byrne and writer Chris Claremont in 1976. His first appearance was in Iron Fist # 5. 

Mayor Story Arcs

Against Iron Fist

Scimitar reappears a few years later after Black Mariah hires him for his services. Iron Fist was investigating around Chinatown after several people have been dying from a drug called Acid Z. Black Mariah was running the dope business and hired Scimitar to eliminate Iron Fist. Scimitar wanted revenge from his prior defeat at the hands of Iron Fist and studied his style and even carved a sword from a bed slat to practice during his incarceration. Scimitar drew blood during their second encounter but Rand used the power of the Iron Fist to block his sword. Iron Fist knocked Scimitar out with a chop to the side of the neck and broke his sword with his knee.     
Scimitar reappears with a masked warrior named Sharyd and comes into conflict with his old foe, Iron Fist. Scimitar wounds Iron Fist with a dagger throw that pierces his chest but is eventually bested with a powerful chi punch. Scimitar recovers while Iron Fist is engaging Sharyd in combat and holds Joy Meachum captive. They escape on a helicopter and Iron Fist is forced to retrieve the Scorpio Key in exchange for his sister.


 Scimitar with the Weaponeers.
Scimitar appears with a terrorist organization called the Weaponeers that invade Zanzibar and comes into conflict with members of Excalibur. The president of Zanzibar is forced to set up the mutants Shola, Karima and Husk because Scimitar has his daughter Taniqa. The mutants fight back and Taniqa escapes when Scimitar is hit with an energy blast from Shola. Husk saves Taniqa from some Weaponeers that were chasing her but comes into conflict with Scimitar. The swordsman is able to cut through Husk's armor with his energy swords and the shock reverts Husk into her normal form. Angel, Callisto and Viper successfully executes a plan to free their captive teammates and Scimitar tussles again with Husk. The commander of the Weaponeers surrender but Scimitar refuses to quit and demands to take the life of Husk for the sake of honor. Husk kicks Scimitar and takes one his swords but the terrorists slashes the mutant. Scimitar is about to deliver the killing blow but he gets shot in the back by Viper. 

Abilities & Weapons

Scimitar is a highly skilled swordsman that specializes in numerous bladed weapons and has a reputation for cruelty and ruthlessness. Scimitar was equipped with two energy swords that can deliver an electric shock when he was working with the Weaponeers. Scimitar is formidable in hand-to-hand combat.

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