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 First Batroc's Brigade: Batroc, Swordsman & Living Laser.
Batroc the Leaper organizes different mercenaries and criminals to accomplish different missions for paying customers. Their have been several members in Batroc's Brigade and this group has primarily fought Captain America. The first group consisted of Batroc, Swordsman and the Living Laser. Batroc was hired by a foreign nation to steal a powerful weapon called the Seismo-Bomb for a million dollars. The bomb was hidden somewhere in New York City and the group would come into conflict with Captain America during their search. Captain America defeated the group and disarmed the bomb before it detonated.  
 3rd Batroc's Brigade: Batroc & hired thugs.
The second group consisted of Batroc, Whirlwind and the Porcupine. They were hired by a man who called himself the Hood and he wanted to eliminate Captain America during his appearance at a television studio. The Hood was actually Baron Strucker and he took matters into his own hands when Batroc's Brigade failed to accomplish their task. This team escaped from the police with the use of Whirlwind's power. Batroc would lay low for several months before he reappeared in . This Brigade consisted of Batroc and several ordinary goons. This group was kidnapping kids from various ghettos and orphanages and holding them inside glass chambers for a specific buyer. This buyer was the cosmic being known as the Stranger and he wanted the souls of these innocent children to revive his race. Batroc and the rest of his goons are taken down by Captain America and the Falcon after the children are saved.      
 4th Batroc's Brigade: Batroc, Zaran & Machete.
Batroc would team up with Zaran the weapons master and Machete to form his fourth Batroc's Brigade. This group has been the most consistent and has had several adventures together. This group was hired by Obadiah Stane to steal Captain America's shield. They managed to steal the shield during their encounter with Captain America and Nomad. The group delivered the shield in a pizza box to a scientist working at Stane International. Captain America found Batroc and promised the savate master one good shot if he promised to reveal his shield's location. Batroc told Captain America his shield was at Stane International and then he unleashed a powerful kick that knocked the super soldier into a brick wall. Captain America got up and knocked Batroc out with one punch. Machete and Zaran took their winnings from their fallen leader and fled the scene. 
The man known as Trick Shot would hire the Batroc's Brigade to eliminate Hawkeye in Paris. However, the Avenger manages to defeat all three mercenaries by himself. Baron Zemo would hire the assistance of the Batroc's Brigade to retrieve the Bloodstone fragments. The three mercenaries broke into the American Museum of Natural History in New York City to steal a packing crate that contained the skeleton of Ulysses Bloodstone. Diamondback would stumble upon their heist but is discovered by Zaran. Batroc knocks her out with a kick and they place her body into Ulysses' crate. The Bloodstone gems were not with the skeletal remains so Zemo offers the Brigade more money if they help him locate the gems. Zemo and the Brigade would travel to the Amazon to seek out a Bloodstone gem but they are captured by an Incan tribe. Captain America and Diamondback are also captured by the Incan tribe and all six captives are placed on the wheel of death. Captain America breaks free from his shackles and goes after the Inca chief with the Bloodstone fragment. Zemo and the Brigade escape during the chaos and steal the fragment. The Brigade eventually helps Zemo retrieve all five Bloodstone fragments and with it, resurrect Baron Heinrich Zemo. Heinrich Zemo destroyed their jet with the power of the Hellfire Helix and chaos ensued. The Brigade felt they were not getting paid enough to deal with the craziness and commandeered Captain America's ship to escape.  
 Batroc's Brigade vs Great  Lakes Avengers.
Batroc, Zaran and the new Machete would come into conflict with the Thunderbolts when they attack a Newark Hospital. Zaran and Machete take some people as hostages but they are quickly disarmed by Speed Demon. Photon would invert their molecular structure through intraspace and all three mercenaries fell unconscious for several hours. The Brigade would reappear a few months later and are hired by Maelstrom to steal a device from the Roxxon company. The Brigade would come into conflict with members of the Great Lakes Avengers. Zaran would kill a G.L.A. member when a dagger he throws goes through Doorman's head and right into Grasshopper's face. The Brigade and Maelstrom are eventually defeated by the G.L.A.

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