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 Dillon Zarro is the Bullet Biker.

Dillon Zarro used to work at a carnival performing biker stunts and was one of the hottest acts on two wheels. He had a problem with another young performer named Hawkeye who was upstaging him with his flashy tricks and bowman skills. Dillon always resented Hawkeye and couldn't stand being second best. Dillon left the carnival to start a new life as a criminal known as the Bullet Biker.

Bullet Biker was hired by a secret employer to knock over L.A.'s art galleries. Hawkeye decided to look into the case and was assisted by a reporter named Gayle Rogers. She provided information on millionaire J. Marcus Waldner who was the owner of the art galleries being struck by the Bullet Biker. They arrived at Mr. Waldner's home to see him sitting on his stairs with a few bumps and bruises. The Bullet Biker threatened to destroy his main art collection unless he paid him extortion money. Hawkeye realized that the Bullet Biker's next target was Mr. Waldner's warehouse. Hawkeye intervened during the attempted heist and a brief chase occurred. Bullet Biker managed to escape when he jumped off his bike as he let it pummel off a building toward innocent bystanders below. Hawkeye managed to knock the bike into another building with his skycycle. Hawkeye would later capture Dillon Zarro in his van and couldn't believe his old carnival buddy was actually the Bullet Biker. Dillon was apprehended and taken to jail. 

Sometime later, Bullet Biker and numerous criminals were hired by Crossfire to get Hawkeye's arm. All the criminals including the Bullet Biker were defeated by the combined forces of Hawkeye, Trick Shot and Mockingbird

Paraphernalia & Abilities

The Bullet Biker is a professional stunt rider that has a suit and motorcycle equipped with various gadgets and weapons. He can fire bullets and grenades from his forearms and his bike was equipped with firearms and could deploy a smokescreen.

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