Favorite Good Girls

More to add....not in order just yet...

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Posted by OrionStarlancer

Please don't put Jean Grey here; that woman drives me insane with all of her Cyclops slobbering.

Posted by Decept-O
Hadn't planned on adding her.  Not because of her slobbering for Cyclops, I am just tired of the character.  Although she's dead.  But will return.  Is alive.  Hell I don't care.   You get my drift!
Posted by Liberty

You have some great non traditional ones on this list.  Let me suggest some of my favorites that you don't have like Fire, Ice, Maxima and Gypsy.

Posted by Decept-O
Thanks for the suggestions.  Regarding Fire, never been a fan of her.  It really only has to do with the fact her flames--are green.  I know Alan Scott's Starheart powers are green flames but I don't see why Fire had to be the same, it just never made sense to me.  Ice, well, she's a cute Good Girl but she keeps dying!  I may have to add her.  Gypsy, well I admit I am not familiar with her.  I appreciate input about characters I don't know.  Maxima I didn't add because she's too much of a whack job, getting psychotic because Superman spurned her, so that's why she didn't make the cut.  I know she may have "calmed down", but I just couldn't add her.