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Comic History

Ghost appeared in special editions and monthly titles. Her first appearance was in Comics Greatest World in week three in 1993. Then in 1994 there was a popular special edition published. There was enough interest in the individual Ghost for Dark Horse Comics to start a monthly publication featuring Ghost in 1995. This storyline ran for 36 issues and was followed by a six month break. Then Ghost was brought back in a series that ran for 22 issues. The second series had many changes from the first series. The second series contained more information about Ghost’s origin.

Many characters that were part of Comics Greatest World were fleeting. Ghost, in spite of this continued to exist in her own publications and others lasting on to the 2000s, Also interesting was that Ghost was included in publications not related to Comics' Greatest World. Most significant among these was her appearance in a two-issue crossover with Dark Horse's Hellboy (Ghost/Hellboy Special). Also there was a four-issue crossover with DC Comics Batgirl (Cassandra Cain), which was called The Resurrection Machine.


Ghost Jump

Ghost got her powers unknowingly as the result of a genetic nano-virus that was released in the 1940 when the God Machine exploded in the Vortex. Her younger sister Margo also received powers from this nano-virus. Margo has the power to manifest wraith-like servants.

Ghost has the power to transport from one place to another instantaneously called a ghost jump. There are limits to this ability. First when she jumps she has to have an intimate knowledge of where she is jumping to. She can not jump to a place she doesn't know well or has never been. The second limit to this ability is based on who she jumps. When Ghost jumps she is entering another dimension and then leaving that dimension to the place where she wants to go. The dimension is a dangerous place as her personal deamon Cameron Nemo dwells there. Also no matter how long she stays in the dimension time does not move for her on the regular plane. So even if she spends months in the dimension she will still appear instantaneously after she left when she reenters the regular dimension.

The dimension is very dangerous for Ghost and has a history. When she was a small child Nero was Elisa's playmate and the dimension was filled with things she loved as a child. As Elisa grew older and spent less time in the dimension the dimension became filled with horrors that would horrify Elisa/Ghost. As the Ghost when she enters the dimension she faces her deepest fears in monsters, deamons, and phantoms of her past.

The Agent

The Agent is the name of a substance that was given to Ghost to allow her to transport through solid objects phasing like a ghost. She got this power as an agent of the Furies task Force. The Agent however merged with the nano-virus and became permanent.


The Ghost we know today was born Elisa Deerlane. When she was between four years old her birth father Dan Deerlane was killed by Earl Cameron in an altercation. Earl married Elisa's mother June Deerlane and adopted her and her sister Margo Deerlane changing their last names to Cameron. Elisa and Margo repressed their memories of their father's murder and believed the alcoholic Earl Cameron was their birth father. When Elisa was an adult an Alien named Vortex restored her the repressed memories of her father. Eventually Earl and June would both be killed by a hit-man who was hired by Crux.

As a child Elisa had the power to enter a new dimension and had a friend Nemo whom she played with. (See powers section above.) Nemo turned out to be Elisa's personal deamon but while Elisa was little Nemo was her "imaginary" friend. Elisa did everything she could to keep her secret from everyone including her family.

When Elisa went to college her powers were discovered by an all female task force group known as the Furies. She joined them and they trained her in the way of espionage and armed/unarmed combat. This upset Nemo and he turned the dimension that was once a place of dreams to a place of nightmares. She became so terrified about the dimension that fellow Furies, Focus and Mindgame used their powers to make her forget she even had the power. After that the team introduced her to "the Agent" (See powers section above.)

While Elisa was a member of the Furies she became captured Archibald Scythe while on assignment. Archibald controlled and manipulated Ghost with his powers and she was used in the Crux organization. It was not until and incident with the shades that she was released from her control and allowed Nemo to escape to this world.

Elisa lost memories and had her brain twisted erased and changed by Focus, Mindgame, Archibald and Nemo. She disappeared for weeks and was only left with the fragmentation of memories and suggestions when she was found again by the Furies who reformed her mind with more false memories and convinced her she was a real ghost.

Elisa ended up getting her mind restored while she was working with King Tiger to find a way to restore souls to their bodies and help her sister. She meets Vortex who was indirctly responsible for her getting her and her sister getting her powers. He not only restored all the damaged parts of her mind, he restored her repressed memories as well. He also offered to take heal her nano-virus that infected her body and eliminate her power but she refused believing she was going to need her powers to save her sister.

Dark Horse / DC

The Ghost has had some interaction in the DC Universe as she worked closely with Barbara Gordon and Cassandra Cain in the City of Arcadia. They worked together to find out who is resurrected young woman to serve in a strip club as virtual slaves. What Ghost discovered was it was not only woman who were being resurrected but men as well and they were in all different stages on their own brain rotting. Much of this was due to how long they were dead before they were resurrected. Some people were so bad they were just mindless automatons and others were full fledged zombies.

The were being brought back to life be the General (Malcolm Greymater). He was using the stronger ones gang members and the weaker one he sold off a slaves and many as sexual slaves. the more zombie like ones were kept caged up like dogs in case he was attacked he would release them on the enemy.

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