Favorite Marvel and DC Villains

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Posted by Liberty

How about Red Skull?

Posted by Decept-O
Thanks for the suggestion.  I didn't list him because I think he's been overused.  I got tired of him a long time ago, even though he's an important Captain America foe.  That's just me. 
Posted by caesarsghost

Awesome list man- you hit all of the great ones. My favorites on the list being Darkseid, Mongul, Joker, Captain Cold and Professor Zoom.
Posted by Decept-O
Thanks!  Joker is iconic but honestly I am tired of him.  That's just me.  Captain Cold, for whatever reason, has always appealed to me.  Thanks for commenting!
Posted by Eyz

Great list ;)
I see some classic favs of mine^^

Posted by infonation

@Decept-O: Good list, but some of these characters just don't seem that bad to me! Last time I checked, they were either anti-heroes, or just misunderstood!

Posted by Decept-O

@infonation: I totally agree. For example, John Jameson. Not really a "bad guy" per se, but because initially he was a "villain" to Spider-Man as Man-Wolf I decided to list him as such. Villains can often be misunderstood depending on the story, so yeah, that is true. Thanks for checking this out and commenting.