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Current Events

After traveling back in time with a number of her teammates from the Legion of Super-Heroes, the remainder of the team (referred to as Legion Lost out of continuity) is on the trail of Alastor, who threatens to release a virus which can destroy all of mankind. After nearly stopping him in Minnesota, the team travels to New York City in their continued attempt to track him.


Original Dawnstar

Dawnstar is her real name (she has no Legion code name), and she is from Starhaven, a planet colonized from Earth in the 23rd Century. Her name is derived from the planet Venus, the "morning star." This is why Dawnstar wears an eight-pointed star ornament on her forehead. Dawnstar and her people are of Anasazi Indian heritage, and her appearance and costume still closely reflects this. Back in the 13th century, members of the Anasazi tribe were abducted from Earth by mysterious aliens for unknown reasons and relocated to Starhaven, making the Anasazi the first human colonists of the planet. Dawnstar's parents are Mist-Rider and Moonwalker, and her younger brothers are Greybird and Greatfire. During her late childhood and early teens, her parents built a thriving business on their daughter's abilities. Dawnstar would guide spaceships through hazardous areas of space.


Dawnstar was created in 1977 by writer Paul Levitz and artist Mike Grell, during a period when DC decided that the Legion needed more ethnic diversity. The first African American Legionnaire, Tyroc, had appeared 10 issues earlier, while Dawnstar became the first Legionnaire of Native American descent. She was the ninth female character to join the Legion of Super-Heroes and the 28th Legionnaire overall.

Character Evolution

Original Continuity: New Earth

Original Dawnstar (New Earth)

Dawnstar received an invitation to attend the Legion Academy, and reluctantly accepted the opportunity. At the age of sixteen, Dawnstar graduated from the Legion Academy. Her tracking and navigation talents earned her membership on her first mission. Her Legion stipend went to pay for enhancing her homeworld's defenses. She served in many missions with the Legionnaires, contributing her often underrated talents at tracking and high-speed travel to perform many rescues of her colleagues, as well as investigations of personal disappearances and similar mysteries. She brought these talents into many Legion adventures in other times, especially the 20th Century. Notable here is her early role in the Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Reboot: Earth-247

Dawnstar was one of the few members of the original Legion to not appear in the post- Zero Hour reboot continuity (later known as Earth-247). During this continuity a new character called Shikari appeared instead, who was a member of an alien race called the Kwai. Shikari had pathfinding powers of similar scope to Dawnstar, and possessed insectoid wings and interstellar flight capability. This caused some Legion fans to believe that Shikari was the post- Zero Hour Dawnstar, but this was denied by various Legion writers.

Threeboot: Earth-Prime

Dawnstar also did not appear in the second reboot continuity, dubbed the "threeboot" and later designated Earth-Prime. However, the 15th issue of the Legion's threeboot series featured a Barry Kitson cover that depicted Dawnstar alongside fellow original Legion members Blok and Tyroc. The solicitation for this issue hinted that the Legion would become the "greatest heroes of the Multiverse." But the solicitation and cover turned out to be misleading. The Dawnstar character only appeared in a series of "campfire stories" told by groupie fans of the characters of the current Legion.

Retroboot: New Earth

Retroboot Dawnstar (New Earth)

This Dawnstar storyline picks up before Five Years Later gap; she became trapped in 21st century with several other Legionnaires. She lost her memory of past and found her on the planet of Thanagar. With combine help of Justice League of America and Justice Society of America they find her Legion ring on Thanagar but she was not present there; her ring had been left to a Thanagarian woman who was implied to be Dawnstar's lover, as a promise that the two would be reunited. It was then predicted that a Legionnaire would die, however none did and all returned safely to their own time.

Retroboot: Earth-0

Dawnstar (Earth-0)

Post Flashpoint, Dawnstar became one of Legionnaires who is trapped in the 21st century.

Major Story Arcs

Original Continuity: New Earth

A Tragic Relationship With Wildfire

Dawnstar & Wildfire

Dawnstar had a lengthy, tragic romance with fellow Legionnaire Wildfire. They each respected the others defiant, outspoken personality, although they each counseled each other on working with their talents as part of a team instead of acting as individuals. Wildfire was an anti-energy being in a containment suit, and thus had no physical body. When he briefly was able to partially reverse this, they attempted a physical relationship, but were unsuccessful.

Five Years Later

Dawnstar (Five Years Later)

After the Five Year Gap, Dawnstar became possessed by an evil entity called Bounty, who amputated her wings and forced her to use her tracking powers as an assassin. Dawnstar was later freed from the Bounty entity's control. The storyline was never resolved, as her timeline was erased by the events depicted in Zero Hour, when the Legion was entirely rebooted.

Retroboot: New Earth

A Much Colder Dawnstar

Dawnstar was later seen as a member of the Legion in the storyline Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes, wearing a new costume and battling the xenophobic Justice League of Earth. Sometime Dawnstar and her battle against Superboy-Prime, who had gone insane and was determined to destroy all three Legions with hie Legion of Super-Villains. Dawnstar helps Polar Boy and her old lover Wildfire to steals a hair of a young Lex Luthor in 20th-century Smallville. Which they given hair to Brainiac 5, who placed it inside a Kryptonian chrysalis that resurrected Conner Kent. During this time Dawnstar is very cold and distended from Wildfire. This all change after when Dawnstar sees a beaten Wildfire lay on ground after fight with Superboy-Prime and she run to him holding Wildfire as she tell him that she loves him.

Powers and Abilities


Dawnstar is unique among her race in that she was born with the ability to locate and track any type of object or life form, even across light years of distance and through interstellar space.

Environmental Force Field

Dawnstar can comfortably survive in deep space indefinitely without a spacesuit or oxygen, due to her ability to generate a self-sustaining environmental force field around her person. Her force field also allows her to survive in most hostile atmospheres. However, it is only environmental in nature and does not protect her from physical or energy attacks.

Superluminal Flight

Flying at faster-than-light speed

Dawnstar and other Starhavenites possess pairs of large, white-feathered wings that grow out of their upper backs, the result of the genetic engineering of their ancestors by their alien abductors. In deep space, Dawnstar can travel at faster-than-light speeds and can even exceed the top speed of Daxamites like Mon-El or Kryptonians like Superboy, making her the fastest member of the Legion. In an Earth-normal atmosphere or in a sizable gravity well, her flight speed is diminished somewhat, but is still quite formidable.


As a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes, Dawnstar possesses a Legion Flight Ring, which she mainly uses as a long-range communicator (enabling constant vocal contact with other Legionnaires, even across vast distances of space) and signal device. The ring also gives its wearer the ability to fly and contains a navigational compass, but Dawnstar's own flight and tracking capabilities far exceed those of the ring, so she almost never uses those functions.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5' 6"

Weight: 120 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Unusual Features: Large white-feathered wings, measuring approximately 16 feet from wingtip to wingtip.

Other Versions

Superboy's Legion

Dawnstar appeared as a member of the Legion in Superboy's Legion, an Elseworlds story.

The Long Road Home

Dawnstar appeared in Legion of Super-Heroes Annual v4, which featured another Elseworlds story.


Dawnstar appeared in Justice.

In Other Media

JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time

Dawnstar appears as a superhero from the 31st century, who has not yet been accepted into the Legion of Superheroes. Alongside Karate Kid she travels back in time to warn the Justice League about Lex Luthor.

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