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Iron Man finds himself in a fight to the death when the Crusher cries vengeance!

Having freed himself from the center of the Earth, the Crusher attacks an outpost of one of his former masters in order to steal a boat to travel to the United States to get revenge on Iron Man. While in the States, Tony Stark tries to console Janice Cord by sending her flowers. As the Crusher travels to America, he informs his prisoners how he managed to survive being sucked to the Earth's core: While there, he was returned back to his human form where he stumbled upon the lair of Tyrannus and used his devices to restore his powers.

While back in the States, Iron Man tests out a new battering ram under the supervision of Jasper Sitwell. While at Maggia headquarters Whitney Frost deals with insubordination from her men who question her leadership in light of an attempt to steal Stark's latest invention, Frost decides to take matters into her own hands, using Sitwell as her pawn.

When the Crusher attacks Stark Industries, Whitney enters the building to try and steal one of Stark's super-weapons. When Whitney is captured by the Crusher, Jasper tries to save her forcing Iron Man to knock Sitwell out so that he can deal with the Crusher without anyone getting hurt. Using the centrifugal force device he uses it to make the Crusher weightless and carry his foe over the ocean and drop him there, where his massive bulk causes him to sink to the ocean's floor. Returning to Stark International, Iron Man finds a revived Jasper humiliated that Iron Man saved Whitney from the Crusher, and the dejected Sitwell leaves to "prove" himself to Whitney.

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