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While Iron Man fights the Gladiator to protect Janice Cord, Whitney Frost attacks Stark Industries to still all of Tony Stark's high tech weapons! Will she succeed? Find out in this action-packed issue!

As Iron Man is busy fighting the Gladiator in order to save Janice Cord and her lawyer Vincent Sandhurst, Whitney Frost and her Maggia goons knock out the SHIELD agents assigned to protect Stark Industries so that they can steal high tech weapons. Whitney struggles over her feelings towards Jasper, while she reflects on how she came to be the head of the Maggia. How when she reached the age of adulthood her true father Count Nefaria revealed his identity to her and forced her into training to become a Maggia agent and eventually installing her as Big M.

Meanwhile, Iron Man manages to fight off Gladiator who retreats from battle to join the rest of the Maggia at Stark Industries. Following with Janice and Vincent, Iron Man confronts the invaders and is aided by the timely arrival of Jasper and reinforcement SHIELD agents. During the course of the battle, most of the Maggia agents and the Gladiator are captured, however Jasper cannot bring himself to stop Whitney from escaping due to his feelings towards her.

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