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Communist scientist Caldwell Rozza made a serum to give his President superhuman powers but was forced by said President into taking the formula himself. He mutated into a 7ft tall, 1000lb superhuman with massive strength and skin tough engough to repel pistol fire. He was also immensly heavy.


Crusher was created by writer Stan Lee and artist Gene Colan in 1968.

Major Story Arcs

Sent by his President to kill Iron Man, Crusher attacked the Golden Avenger at Stark Industries where Iron Man used a Centrifugal Ray on Crusher that resulted in him falling through the floor and vanishing underground. Crusher landed in Subterranea but unfortunately the formula he took would wear off and he would return to normal human proportions.

Rozza was able to recreate his serum and dig himself out where he went up against Iron Man again. He tried to use the same device Iron Man had used on him but was unable to. Iron Man eventually tackled him and flew him over the ocean and dropped him in. Crusher's own weight caused him to sink and drown.

Crusher's body was later found and used to create a second Crusher that encountered Daredevil.

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