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Tony Stark is kidnapped into by a time-traveling soldier and brought to the future to be executed for a crime he has yet to create. Can the unarmed playboy convince the High Council that he is innocent?

An unarmored Tony Stark is kidnapped by time-traveling soldiers from the future and brought forward in time to be executed for a crime he has yet to commit. Stark is charged with mass murder by creating the super computer Cerberus which rules the world through an army of mindless humaniods and robot servants. Spared only by the intervention of Cerberus’s forces seeking to crush the rebels, Tony and a rebel named Krylla escape from the overrun lair. Krylla turns out to have not been set on the plan of killing Tony and as a historian herself takes him to a museum where she learned about his role in creating the now present future. There Tony is able to turn into Iron Man as he discovers a relic suit of armor of his now on display. Alerted by the energy of the Armor, Cerberus sends robots to defeat Iron Man. The Golden Avenger and Krylla escape and head towards Cerebrus' lair only to face a massive manifestation of the computer that combats with Iron Man. The computer however is forced into a loop of contradiction leading to an overload when it is revealed that its creator Tony Stark is under the helmet. Cerebrus cannot put self preservation over protecting its creator and Krylla uses this opportunity to blow up its master computer banks, terminating Cerebrus.

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