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Lucifer has returned with a vengeance for the Iron Avenger! Still recovering from his heart surgery, will Tony Stark be able to faces the devil himself? Find out who serves Lucifer!

Who Serves Lucifer?

The issue begins with Iron Man once again saving Stark Industries from danger – this time from an exploding reactor. As the employees express their gratitude to the Golden Avenger, one disgruntled guard wonders why Iron Man and Tony Stark get all the breaks while he’s still a nobody. Charlie Gray reminisces about how he used to be a big football star in high school and wants to be a winner again. He arrives home to his wife and kids but decides to go for a walk after shouting at his kids for making too much noise. While wondering alone on the streets late at night, Charlie is suddenly hypnotised and drawn towards an abandoned building. Within the building dwells Lucifer, who was banished to Limbo after suffering defeat at the hands of the X-Men.

Lucifer explains he has found a temporary gateway out of Limbo into this building but cannot leave its confines. He gives a demonstration of his awesome ionic power to Charlie and promises him the same power if he brings Tony Stark to him – thinking Stark may be able to help bring him back from Limbo. At first Charlie hesitates and attempts to run away but Lucifer gives him a taste of his power and Charlie immediately wants more. Thus receiving Lucifer’s powers and costume, Charlie heads off to Stark Industries. On the way Charlie can’t resist giving a demonstration of his new powers and attracts attention from the police. Coincidentally his worried wife is out looking for him and finds the costumed troublemaker. Lucifer, in astral form, commands Charlie to ignore his wife’s please to come home and kidnap Stark. Charlie obeys and the distraught Wilma drives off to warn Stark.

Arriving at Stark Industries ahead of her husband, Wilma manages to warn Stark in time for him to change to Iron Man. Charlie arrives and after a long battle manages to subdue the hero. As he carries Iron Man away to Lucifer, Wilma Gray tells Charlie in order to gain power he is about to lose his family. Realising he is about to throw away everything he loves, Charlie Gray finally comes to his senses and releases his captive. Having used too much of is power fighting Iron Man, Lucifer is unable to keep the portal open and disappears back to Limbo. As Charlie and Wilma Gray walk home together, Tony Stark envies their togetherness and wonders must he go on as Iron Man..?

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