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Time flies right? It was only...*checks calender* 5 months since I won Number Three right? Hell, we have had some awesome contests since then and to win another before we hit double digits is awesome! All entries in the orange one were awesome, keep up the quality and enjoy this round peoples! :D

This back to classics. Remember the original CCC simply writing about a picture without any rules that restricted much? Well hell yeah welcome back to this.

The PICTURE that we will be writing about this round is................


Has to be about the picture - Use your imagination!

Has to be between 1000 and 2000 words. No less than 1000 no more than 2000 - Get creative! Big word counts people, want to see some creativity in this!

Opening today on May 18th! Closing on the 30th of May!

Have FUN and good LUCK!!!

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@pyrogram Sure I'll sing up. Do I PM you the story when I've wrote it?

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@pyrogram: Okay sure I'll start on it in a bit.

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@pyrogram: Question, since my gaming knowledge is limited, is that an Assassin's Creed pic?

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I'll write something

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@batkevin74: Not really, Just stylized. Make it whatever you want.

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Yeah, I'll do something when I can.

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This is tempting O_O

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@bumpyboo said:

This is tempting O_O


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@pyrogram said:

@bumpyboo said:

This is tempting O_O


Maaaaaaybe....I never tried one of these before O_o

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@bumpyboo: Pfft, You can write! That is all that matters!

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@pyrogram said:

@bumpyboo: Pfft, You can write! That is all that matters!

Ah, go on then, you twisted my arm :P

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@bumpyboo: I'm working on forcing asking her!

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Sweet I'll get the whips questions! ;)

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@bumpyboo: Good good :P This is alllll under control now!

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GAH! This sounds absolutely epic. The instant I saw that picture I had a whole backstory pop up in the back of my head. I just wish I had more time!!!

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@bumpyboo: You will outshine us all!

GAH! This sounds absolutely epic. The instant I saw that picture I had a whole backstory pop up in the back of my head. I just wish I had more time!!!


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@pyrogram I must respectfully decline taking part in this at the current time. I already have a few writing projects in the works right now, and this time of year also has an important day coming up in my life. However, if it is any consolation, the image seems to suggest a Castlevania type character, at least to me.

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@pyrogram: Ugh, but I have mid-terms coming up :(

What's the goal here? Simply write up a description and a backstory for the image given?

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@deranged_midget: So do I! >:P

Write any story you like as-long as its inspired by the image. Could be a fight scene, could be him sitting down drinking tea with Ezio, Anything. Create a Character based on the image.

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@pyrogram: Alright, alright... I'll give it a shot! But it must be noted, I am not too great at these things :P

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I'm in...actually I'm finished. I tried to imagine the character underneath as a beast so as to give a hopefully interesting contrast to the armoured appearance. I imagined he wears armour to cover a broken body but also to hide his true nature. Anyway I hope you like it and if so, check out my comic at and like our facebook page at



The trees aren’t like the ones I remember from before. They rise from the earth, they sprout leaves, some have flowers, some bear fruit and, if spared the woodsman’s axe, they grow tall and strong, but, unlike the trees I once knew...they aren’t innocent. The groves march like armies under the cover of night, the forests roar with the sounds of many voices. They think, they ponder, they move and they watch. I can feel them now, their eyes upon me, staring, glaring, judging...

I don’t like them.

It was five years ago that everything changed, five years ago that the world was twisted and damaged. Life was made fluid on that day, things became other things, lives became other lives. There seemed no method, no rule of thumb. How things changed seemed no more uniform than the casting of pebbles on the shore, no more predictable than the path of a storm. People became beasts, men became women, women became men, adults became children, children became adults, tall short, short tall, fat thin. It didn’t matter who or what you were, you were changed and that was that.

I alone seem to remember. I alone know what once was and I alone carry the burden of why it happened. It was my fault...all my fault...and I pay the price for my lapse in judgment every single day.

I didn’t look like this five years ago. Before my trails at the hands of the Swine Brüder I was never bound with steel and iron as I currently am, I never spoke with the hiss of an asp or breathed with such discomfort and hardship. My fur was never singed and my eyes were an asset. I had friends, a family, a home.

All lost.

There is no home for me here now, no four walls to keep me safe, no soft bed to keep me warm. Family? Who knows where they ended up. I like to imagine that they’re happy, that they’re free from danger or troubles in this most troubling of worlds, but most of all, I hope that they’re still together, even though I’m not with them. I hope they’re still a family. I never realised what that meant before, “family”, or how important it was, but I’d do anything to see them again, to hug my mother and father.

I can’t remember the last time I did that.

It used to make me cringe to be hugged and kissed by my parents, but now…nothing would bring me more comfort or joy.

For all I know they’re trees, perhaps in this very wood, perhaps I’ve felt their eyes upon me, perhaps it is their eyes that I feel upon me at this moment, angry, restless, vengeful. Do they know what I did? Do they know it’s my fault? Do they hate me for it?

Please don’t let them be trees.

As for’s hard to say. There are the birds.

They follow me everywhere, my company of little black sentinels, shadowing my path at a distance. I speak to them and feel somehow comforted by their presence, but are they friends? Not really...not in the way that I once knew the word.

They are only friends in as much as I provide them with the sustenance they crave, with my sword and my dagger and my cunning, and in as much as I myself shall one day sustain them, should I fall and the light of this broken and damaged body fail.

They are not friends as I would once have known the word, but in this new world, where everything has changed, so too has the meaning of things and these birds are indeed my friends.

Who else has seen what lies beneath the cowl, the armor and the mask, who else has seen me feed, and who else has seen these things and not fled, repulsed by my countenance?

No other.

For their part they have proven of use to me, and not just for their company. Whether they have formed an attachment to me, or whether they simply see me as a better tool to gather food than become food is unknowable, but they have worked to our mutual benefit at times.

Do they know of my impediments, do they understand my failings? At times I have thought so, for they have warned me of danger when my eyes have not seen, and pointed me towards the hunt when my ears have not heard. Without them, my belly, and as a result, their bellies, would have laid empty on many a night, especially when the snows have made prey scarce and my vision blur with the all-engulfing white.

Thanks to them, my poor body has healed. I am strong again, not as I once was, but to the best I could hope for. Thanks to them I have found new purpose, a new path.

And so I stand here under a dark and angry sky, baptised by the downpour, on the verge between the woods and the city, preparing to march into the cold ruins, to walk the cracked and bloodied streets with my “friends” at my back. Their fierce eyes urge me eagerly forward, their demanding caws press me on and if not for the smell of iodine and burning flesh I might not hesitate as I do.

I know she’s down there waiting for me, hidden within the caverns of this antiquated tableau to the ignorance of men, and I know she has my end in her heart, and I would rush to face her blade if the anticipation of our coming together did not fill me with such contentment. I fear that should we meet, and one of us be gathered up by death, my happiness at the thought of her might end and plunge me into sorrow.

The girl in the scarlet cloak.

I felt her pressed against me once, as she lay at my side, burying her face in the fur of my back. She was the first person that I met after the wish, the first one to hear my story and we’ve been at each other’s throats ever since.

She does not remember before, but believes that I do, and hates me for my part in the tale, hates me, as all should.

There’s history between her and I now, things that can’t be forgotten easily...fear.

She tries to hide it, to be brave, but she’s afraid of me, and I can’t really blame her. I’ve done things.

It is yet another cruelty of the Djinn that the source of my greatest happiness in this world is also the source of my greatest woe. Perhaps given time she wouldn’t fear me anymore, perhaps one day we could have been true friends, perhaps one day we might have been more, maybe even...

No. I am fooling myself. I’m not like her. I’m not even human. She could never love me. I’m a wolf, and not just any wolf, but the biggest baddest wolf there is.

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@filthythebear: Very nice, imaginative and that is what I liked heavily, only quarrel is it was really not relating to the image much but...meh, The actual entry was solid and you could easily write a full Fan Fic about it - Well done!

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@pyrogram: never done one of these before. I do think i have an idea of what to submit though...

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Not really sure if I will enter I cant really think of anything If I do come up with anything I will of course post it.

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As I walked through the streets, riddled with corpses and covered in blood, I was alone. No one to keep company but the crows. I perched high up, hoping to find somebody, any living creature, that wasn't picking at the flesh of my fallen comrades. There was death in the air. I choked on the stench. My eyes burned, searching for the people I loved, but they were gone. No life. Just me.

I leaped down to the streets, and once more saw my comrades pecked at by crows, nibbled on by rats, that scurried away as I walked. The feeling of complete solitude, knowing that there was nobody to see you, hear you, of love you was soul-crushing.

The only thing I hide under this hood is sadness, for the loss of my people, anger, at the people who caused this, and madness, ever growing madness. The longer I stayed here, the more i felt these things. I resisted madness, but not anymore. I have come to accept it, to love it, and to wield it like an axe, crashing down on my enemies, and spilling oceans of blood on their streets, as they did mine.

As I walked through the streets, riddled with corpses and covered with blood, I smiled.

I wear no armor now, my cowl has been hidden. Now, I am a civillian in the capital city of the enemy country. As I walked, I could almost see the bodies, feasted on by vermin, and the cracked black blood that caked the streets. I walked, knowing that revenge would be mine, and that there was nothing to stop me.

A man with nothing to lose is a very dangerous man indeed, and Indeed, I have nothing to lose. I crossed the street, dark, dank, crowded with people who smelled of feces rushing to stalls where they bought rotted fruit, I pitied them. They would live like vermin, and die like vermin.

I walked into an alley, and was approached by two large men, one of them wielding a baseball bat. "Hey, you mind handing us that money?" they said, coming closer. "No, I need this. Something important." the men looked at each other and smiled. "Well, this is more important. Hand it over before we cut your fu-" one man said, before falling to the ground, lobotomized with a gold pencil. The other man ran, but met a fitting end, when he tripped, and fell in the streets, trampled by the poor an homeless.

I made it to my apartment, that smelled of my city. I slept, and took out a new set of clothes. Officer's armor. I pulled it on, before exiting via a vent, as not to be seen exiting my apartment as a different man. I painted my skin, and went to the capital, where armed guards patrolled in pairs, and pointed rifles out of every window.

"Hello. I request entry." The guard took a look at my badge. "You may enter." he said, opening the door. As I walked, I could still see my city, men limp, laying on control panels, my president dangling from the ceiling by his noose.

I walked, and nobody acknowledged me. It reminded me of the solitude of my city, alone, nobody there. Nobody noticed me, thanks to my disguise. I traveled to the president's office, surprised at the lack of suspicion, I looked to the next two guards.

"Permission to speak with the president." I said. "Permission granted. You may enter."

I walked in, and drew my pistol. "Wait! What are you doing, son!?" he yelled. I looked down, and somehow I was in my hooded armor again. I shot the president twice, and shot through the walls at the guards. I heard two thuds before pressing the button on his desk to detonate nuclear weapons. I looked out the window, waiting for the blast, when I recognized my city, still bustling with people. My people. The people I loved.

I saw my city out the window, and then I saw it die. The people crumpled on the ground. I saw my city when I pressed the button. I did this.

As I walked through the streets, riddled with bodies and covered with blood, I cried. I saw everybody dead. This was my home city. I had done this to the people I loved. And I couldn't forgive myself.

I had succumbed to madness, and I has destroyed everything. I had placed my gun against my temple, ready to end it all, when I heard a lonr voice in the distance, like me, trying to find any sign of life. I approached him, and as he was cheering, I shot him in the head.

As I walked through the streets, riddled with bodies, covered in blood, I smiled.


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@pyrogram: Is it fine if the story isn't from the hooded figure's point of view?

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@bumpyboo said:


Sweet I'll get the whips questions! ;)


...although I have to say, this is the kind of image that pretty much hurls me into its world. I am half in love with him already.

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@pyrogram Blah blah, mandatory smack talk, blah blah. I dunno. Might write for this one. No promises this time.

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@nerx: A story involving him/her/it.

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Are you insane? It would be like throwing in a dull pebble into a pile of jewels. The worse way for a writer to be noticed. Nah, I am good with being a part of the admiring throng of readers who get to feast on submitted entries.


Your story is gorgeous, the scenes you set grim and I especially love how cold and purpose-minded you made your character. Holy cow.


I love your character -- I would consider putting this in it's own thread and ask you to continue the story. The world you described (as it is now) is incredibly intriguing (to put it mildly).

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@lykopis: Lykos, this once you are wrong ;) My first ever Fan Fiction was in Character creation contest three ohh and guess what? I Won and got myself noticed, so you cannot use that excuse missy :P

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@pyrogram said:

@lykopis: Lykos, this once you are wrong ;) My first ever Fan Fiction was in Character creation contest three ohh and guess what? I Won and got myself noticed, so you cannot use that excuse missy :P

hmmm... maybe this could be my chance to get noticed... hmmm...

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Heh, heh. Looks like it's MY turn! (Yes I know this is kind of like the Arrow TV Show)

DARHUM CITY (Don't ask me what a Darhum is.)

Officer Brian Carson sat in his car and smoked a cigarette. he pondered the events of the last few days. Last Monday a corrupt businessman had been found dead in his office. Murdered. They found him with his throat slit and a dart in his left arm, beneath his left arm laid a pistol. Apparently he'd tried to shoot at someone. The next several nights the same thing happened with slightly different occurrences. A corrupt judge fell out of a skyscraper's window. When there was no one in the building. A construction worker on the Darhum City Skyline (a skyline which had collapsed a few weeks after being built) had been found buried under wet cement. The pattern continued for the next two days until... last night. The police had received an untraceable phone call from a man with a gruff voice. Tonight the mayor was going to be executed during his re-election speech. For some reason the voice wanted a challenge.

"Pretty crap night ain't it Brian?" Private Peter Walsly asked as he entered the car. He carefully balanced two cups of coffee on top of a pizza box, as he placed them on his seat.

"Every night's a crap night Pete. At least in Darhum. Don't need any homicidal idiots to make it worse. What time does the mayor get here?"


"Then what the hell are we waiting for? Let's get inside. The Pizza can wait."


Darhum City Hall

"So I say DOWN WITH MASKED VIGILANTISM! Anyone who puts on a costume and takes the law into their own hands will have the minimum of a 15 year sentence!" The mayor stood upon his stage surrounded by banners supporting his name. Instead of placing them on the walls like any normal sociopath would. He'd instead framed them and leaned them on the supports holding the roof up. The hooded figure stood in the rafters watching the whole scene.

"Bloody idiot..." The figure whispered. His hood revealed nothing of his features and there was a slight piece of British accent in his voice. The banners would make good cover if it came to a chase scene. The figure wasn't expecting it to. It never had before. It never had in any of the cities he'd been to. London, New York, Detroit, Manchester. Every city had become slightly better since he'd arrived there. He watched as the mayor stepped down from the stage and the party started. Two police officers stood by the entrance to the building. One of them held a pizza box in his hands. The figure would have found this humorous. If he was capable of feeling such emotion. He waited in the rafters, for several minutes before witnessing the mayor slipping away through a door.

"No one ever gets away that easily." The figure muttered.

The figure silently jumped behind one of the banners and changed into his disguise there. The figure kept his hood on. However changed the robes and gauntlets for richer attire. Something most people in this city couldn't afford. If the figure's plan went correctly that was going to change. The figure stepped out from behind the banner and was temporarily blinded by the lights. The figure ignored this and walked out into the crowd.


"Idiot." Brian said as he leaned against the wall. The security in this building was terrible. Brian had already noticed several ways to break through. He'd have to go through with the rest of the force over proper security measures later.

"You say something Bri?" Peter said with his mouth full of food. Brian tried not to look at his partner and best friend.

"Nothing's wrong Pete I just..." Brian started to say. As his eyes stared round the room he noticed the mayor slipping into a door, nobody else noticed.

"That idiot!" Brian yelled as he started to push through the crowd. "He's going to get himself killed!" Brian smashed through the door and ran up a flight of stairs.

"Evening, constable. What ever is the matter?" Brian heard the mayor say as he turned round the corner. The mayor wasn't alone. With him were several members of the Black Swans, including their leader the White Hawk.

"What the hell is this?!" Brian yelled. "Are you working with the swans?!"

"Of course. In exchange for partial power, they promise to cut down on their criminal activities!"

"Yeah. That WAS the deal" The White Hawk said as he shot the mayor in the head. The mayor's body collapsed on the floor and his eye's rolled into pure whiteness. "Looks like we get all the power now!" The White Hawk's skin started to morph into what seemed to be the mayor's body.

"Too bad you had to burst in like that. Looks like you're going to have to die." The Swan said as he turned his gun towards Brian.

Brian's life flashed before his eyes. He thought over what he'd just seen and wished he'd done more with it. He closed his eyes and prepared for the end. This was followed by several loud thumps as bodies collapsed on the floor.


The figure hid in the shadows as he watched the Swan shoot the mayor in the head. The figure wasn't at all surprised when the White Hawk's appearance changed. In fact it'd been expecting it. It didn't matter anyway. Now he was going to die instead. The figure started to run and leaped over the constable's head. The Black Swan's looked in surprise and terror at the mysterious cloaked figure appearing above them. They were all too shocked to fire their guns. Which gave the figure more then enough time to fire several darts into the 3 normal Swan's necks. The figure landed on top of the White Hawk and looked down into the Hawk's eyes.

"What the fu-?!" The Hawk started to say before the figure snapped his neck.

"What the hell are you?!" The constable said from behind the figure. The figure turned and teleported in front of a window. The figure's plan hadn't gone as he wanted. The constable pulled his pistol out and aimed it at the figure.

"I said what are you?! Are you that assassin guy who's been running around?!" The constable was trying not to tremble as sweat rolled down his forehead.

"It's simple really. I'm the Blackbird." The figure said as Ravens crashed through the window enveloping him in their feathers. He took a step back and fell into the city below...

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Another awesome addition! You had me guessing who the vigilante was the whole time, and the perspective of the constable was fantastic. I love the imagery of the ravens at the end, especially.


Difference being




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@lykopis: Stop being so....*screams* Gahhh! >__< Just trying to annoy me now!

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