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I found three styles which would ALL come in handy!

...and with that, I am off to nap for a bit!


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*sees what you did there*

Ooooh stripey! I'll take those in purple :D

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Hey this seems to have slowed down a bit. I wanna see more more more! Come on guys. Just squeeze something out. Its good for your action zone!!!

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Yours is my faf one of all of these. So far, at least.

Thanks. Now if only I could get rid of the competition.

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@kfhrfdu_89_76k: Excellent...Execellent. *Laughs maliciously with his inner voice*

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@pyrogram: Oh, hell yeah! Back to basics, I'm in!

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Meep -- I can't believe I missed your story! Nice Poe reference and I especially liked how you presented your character. Interesting use of perspective.

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@pyrogram: Well I found some time! Here's my entry: 1020 words and a few pictures (of which I don't own merely pulled from Google Images)


Thunder roared and lightning cracked as the rain pelted down on the man who stood in my courtyard. He was here to kill me, I knew that much. What I didn’t know was why?

I dressed into my armour, as it hummed with power. I checked the diagnostics, asides from myself having a slightly irregular heartbeat; everything was running efficiently and precisely.

Who wanted me dead? Better question, who didn’t want me dead? It would be a shorter list.

I looked at the weapons rack carefully. He had come to my door not like a thief in the night, so I should honour the tradition and ritual. I plucked my bisento off the rack and checked the weight and the sharpness; both perfect. Though I may die, I will not go quietly. Silently I sent prayers to the gods of old, more out of habit than belief as I marched to my door. As I got to the massive wrought iron door I stop, and slowly look around at the beautifully crafted stonework, realising this may be the last time I see my house. It could be my last everything.

“If today be the day, so be it”

I open the door. Dramatically and almost on cue, thunder cracks through the clouds as the hooded man in power armour stands before me, face shrouded in darkness. A swirl of birds races across the sky looking for shelter from the worsening storm.

“Greeting your highness” His voice is hollow, emotionless, robotic.

“State your name for my record!” I demand as I walk towards him, my footsteps clanking over the thunder.

“Vladimir al-Kitani” From beneath his darkened cowl, two electric blue eyes light up; a damn cyborg!

I chock my bisento into the ground between two cobblestones “Akihito Borgia of the house of Borgia, current Galactic Pope”

My armour feeds me his information, as his obviously does the same.

{Name: Vladimir al-Kitani also known as The Hood of Death.

Base build: enhanced human DNA, cybernetic parts (scanalysis unavailable/jammed)

Currently in the employ of: the house of Abstergo (unconfirmed)

Kill record: 219 confirmed, 12 unconfirmed.}

“Are you prepared for death?” he asked as two long razor sharp blades slid from his wrists and into his hands.

“Are you?”

His response was muffled by another thunderclap. I took up my bisento and spun it around my body in a display of skill. He followed suit with a sword kata of his own. We each nod in approval and acknowledgement before we slowly circled each other like vultures around a carcass.

“So why does Animus want me dead this time?”

“I do not know your highness” replied Vladimir “I merely took the contract”

“You are just a dog” I smile “A dumb dog”

Vladimir’s blade flicks out, the edge of the blade nicking my ear. The sting ripples through my head as the battle computer kicks in. I step forward and feign a strike as his head, quickly spinning the lower blade up towards his crotch. He parries but it opens him up as I whirl the blade and attempt to remove his head from his shoulders. Vladimir ducks easily but his defence opens him up further to my offence. I press my attack, using both ends of the bisento keeping him on the back foot.

{Poison detected:Ophiophagus hannah or King cobra. Counter measures engaged}

“You have poisoned me? ME?” I yell as I attempt once again to cut him in half.

“You are wanted dead,” replied Vladimir as he parried and then began his own assault, I barely managed to get my guard up “My client didn’t specify how”

“You came to my door, following the protocols of old, to attempt to poison me!” I shriek. I almost can’t believe how angry I am at him! Poisoning me, the Galactic Pope!

“Your highness, I do this as it is what I have been contracted to do!” replied Vladimir as his blade snuck under my arm and severed the wiring to my left arm “I take no pleasure in this”

I hurl my bisento at him, catching him completely off guard as I have disarmed myself and tackle him to the ground, smashing my power gauntlet into his chest as I try to crack him open like a crustacean. As my one armed blows dent his chest, he activates his surge field shocking us both with massive doses of electricity. I am flung away like an old toy. Slowly he stands and takes up my weapon. My armour sizzles and pops, the power fading.

“You have fought well your highness” he said. Slowly he raised my weapon high above his head “But not well enough”


Vladimir looked down at the fist sized hole I had blown through his chest with my Kenway bore cannon that I had hidden in my leg compartment, a gift to me from the previous Pope.

“He who hesitates is dead, my son” I said as he fell backwards onto the cold stone floor. I crawl over to his body, rain sparking off the exposed circuitry from his fatal wound. I make the signs of the gods old so this one may know rest in the next life.

{Auxiliary power online. Recommencing: poison counter measures.

Vladimir al-Kitani: deceased.

Battle statistics for Pope Akihito Borgia updating…Kill record: 798 confirmed, 9 unconfirmed}

I get to my feet, return the cannon to its secret compartment and take up my bisento, wiping his hand prints from it. This will be the last time the house of Abstergo offends me, the office of the Galactic Pope or the gods of old. Too many times have they challenged. I have been far too lenient upon them, as has my house! Tonight I will bring war to them.

“In the names of the gods of old; I, Pope Akihito Borgia, of the house of Borgia, in this year of three thousand and sixty six, do swear to wipe the house of Abstergo from the face of the galaxy! Their lives, their names, their souls shall be stricken from all corners!”

The thunder roared in approval.


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@batkevin74: Damn you Batkev, I thought I'd have the market cornered on Assassins' Creed entry! That being said I really liked this story especially the names and the Killstats. Let's face it, noone messes with a Galactic Pope named Akihito Borgia.

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@dngn4774: Damn straight! Tried to blend Assassin's Creed references into a cyber-Asian-ye olde Italian crime family. I think it worked

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Deeply sorry, but I do not.

Oh wait, now I do! HAHAH!!!

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*checks date*

Oh heck, I better get a move on!!! XD

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@batkevin74 I know looking forward to seeing who wins, don't think I've a chance in comparison to you and the others though :P

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Man, I'd really like to do this one. That picture is awesome, and I already have an awesome idea for it, but with only two days left remaining, I don't think I'll be able to do this. But I would like to be notified when the next contest starts so I can try at that one.

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@irishlad: Piffle! Balderdash! Poppycock! Other outdated words! I dare you to enter, just to prove that you can. It is based on what other people like, so you may have written something that strikes a chord with many people and sweep to victory. We will only find that out IF you enter

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@pyrogram: Okay, I'll try. I'm going to go get started then.

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Okay so I was able to get this done. Well here is my entry, which is 1303 words not counting the "END" at the end:

My name is Kalar Alan. I was a pretty ordinary guy with a pretty ordinary life, until one fateful night happened, two years ago.


I was sitting on top of the roof of an abandoned building; my usual hang out place. It was nighttime. I stared at the stars in the sky thinking to myself.

“This world is decaying into the abyss.” A mysterious voice spoke.

“Who’s there!?” I demanded. No response was given. I looked around and saw nobody. I got up and jumped down the side of the building, sliding down a ramp I left there. I didn’t want to stay around here at the moment. It was creeping me out.

As I started to walk away, a strange pulse of heaviness filled the area around me, and I couldn’t move. A man appeared in front of me, floating about a foot in the air, wearing a weird armor that was old and rusted looking. He came right at me, then...

“Home?” I woke up in my house. I got up and looked out the window. Was it all just a dream? I got dressed, and looked in a mirror to brush my hair, when I saw the man in the mirror. I turned around, but I was alone. Looking at the mirror again, he wasn’t there, but there was an envelope attached to the mirror, with the words “Open Me” written on it.

Warily, I reached for it, and picked it up. I carefully opened it, to find a blank piece of paper, as if I were being taunted. I put the paper back into the envelope, stuck it in my pocket, and left the house. I noticed there were news crews heading to the area the abandoned building was at. I decided to see what the big deal was.

When I got there, the entire area was demolished. It was in ruins. But at the same time, it seemed orderly, like somebody was trying to leave a message. I went to the roof of a nearby building, and looked at the ruins. It was a message. “Hold Me”. The paper from the envelope. I pulled it out, and it started to glow.

“Under The Oak Tree” The glowing message left almost as soon as it appeared. I was frozen. I buried a personal item under an Oak Tree at my childhood home. I had to go there now.

When I got to my childhood home, I quickly went to the Oak Tree. I started digging until I saw the box. I opened it, and the pendant which my mom left me after she died was still there. It was glowing now, and the paper started to glow too. I pulled out the paper and it read “Wear Me”. I put on the necklace, and the pendant’s glow surrounded the entire area. It seemed to erase the world around me, leaving me in a dark empty area, with light coming from one area.

“You have the power to stop it.” The mysterious voice from before spoke.

“Who are you!? What do you want with me!?” I demanded once again.

“Somebody who failed to save their world. But you still have a chance.” The mysterious voice responded.

“What am I supposed to do?” I asked.

“Follow the light.” The voice faded away.

“Follow the light. Okay then.” I walked towards the light. As I continued walking, the light grew stronger, and overcame the darkness from before. When all that remained was light, I saw a door. I reached for the handle, opened the door, and walked through.

I was in a room. A children’s room it seemed. It looked like it hadn’t been touched for a long time. There were no windows or doors, except for the door I came through, which was now blocked by dirt. I noticed a trap door in the middle of the room. My mother’s pendant glowed when I got near it. I had no other options, so I decided to open it.

I went down, and found a long tunnel lit with torches. I started to follow it, until I came up to a large chest at the end of the tunnel. The pendant was glowing brightly now. I opened it, and found the armor the man from last night was wearing, only it looked new. I touched it, and it appeared on me instantly.

The pendant’s glow surrounded the area again, and I was at some weird location. It felt awful in this place, like there were souls screaming in agony.

“You’re back.” The man from before spoke. I quickly turned around to see him floating behind me.

“What is going on!?” I demanded.

“We don’t have time. You’re world is decaying into the abyss. We have to act now.” He spoke to me.

“So I’ve been told. But I want answ-“ I was cut off when the world around me seemed to be changing. It was changing into a malefic, corrupt version of what it once was, and what it once was wasn’t very pleasant to begin with. A large monster appeared in the sky. It looked like an eastern dragon. It started to charge towards us.

“We have to go NOW!” He yelled at me. He charged at me, grabbed me, and flew us through a portal he created with his armor.

We ended up back at the Oak Tree. “WHAT WAS THAT!?” I yelled.

“That was the very same thing that destroyed my world. Or rather, will be the very same thing that destroyed my world.” He said to me.

“You want to explain to me what you mean by that?” I asked harshly. I was tired of all this.

“When the time is right, you’ll know what I meant. But for now, you have to train. Learn to use that armor of yours, or your world will meet the same fate.” And just like that, he was gone.


It’s been two years since all of that happened. In that time, I’ve learned a lot about this armor. It has unusual powers. I’ve become well known by the people of my world now, as I’ve used those powers to become its hero. They call me The Guardian. 4 minutes ago, the piece of paper, which I’ve dubbed POP, glowed once more. It read “The Final Battle Begins”. I can already feel it. The Dragon is approaching. The man appeared behind me.

“Figured you’d show up.” I said, without even turning to look at him. The Dragon showed up, and the area around us began to alter into the malefic form it did in his world when it showed.

“It’s time.” He said. I got up and we charged at the Dragon.


A couple of hours later The Dragon was severely weakened. We might actually have a chance. I charged to deliver the final blow.

“NO WAIT!” The man yelled at me. He quickly appeared in between me and The Dragon, and for a good reason. The Dragon fired off a terrifyingly large blast, which hit him head on.

I quickly finished my charge, and sliced The Dragon’s head off, ending the battle. I rushed over to the man, and held him in my arms. He was dead. His helmet was off, and I could see his face. He was me. An older me. I finally knew what he meant. He broke down the time barrier to fix his failure, and sacrificed himself to save me. In his world, he made the same mistake I did, and it damaged his armor, preventing him from ever killing The Dragon. I quickly blasted a hole out of the ground, and placed him in it. I covered him up with dirt, and made a makeshift tombstone.

“Here Lies The Guardian.

He Will Never Be Forgotten.”


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Hm. Your story has a mystery-adventure-comic (of the 60`s or 70`s) feel to it.

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@irishlad: Ah yes the Whisper of Bats, I take back all I said and will promptly go visit my optometrist :)

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Of course, my fellow. It makes it stand out (for me, that way, at least).

I mean, it`s all there. The fast pacing, the not that detailed/not too detailed descriptions of what happens, all the ominous stuff, the epic stuff, the silly stuff, the presence of comic book time travelling...I like yours a bit. I`m not the biggest fan of comics like that, but I`m far away from hating them.

Also, I can actually see the last, small "panel" of the story, with the eyes of my imagination.

Kalar Alan, looking at the tombstone, thinking those thoughts. The sun sets behind him and casts shadows. Under the panel, there`s a dialogue box that reads "The end". The paper of the comic looks old.

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This was my first time doing one of these things, so it's nice to know that it didn't suck. :)


Thanks. I also liked your entry.

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Do you mean writing a fan fic or a story to this contest.

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Oh my god! Just one more day!

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@kfhrfdu_89_76k: I've written some unfinished fan fictions before that I lost interest in. But I've never written a fan fiction where I was given a specific theme to write about before now. So kind of both.

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@awesam ALso what can I help vote on? :)

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Looks like the clocks ticking on this one. I'm wondering if there will be a last minute entry in the comp. *bites nails and reads other entries* xd

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I will extend this by one day....I will not be on tomorrow so cannot close it, so you got one extra day peeps! I will not be entering myself.

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Rated M

Varg Vikernes. That was once his name. Back when he was still a man. Still a creation of the Unnamed Inventor, maker of all things. Before time had changed him, and the mad science of evil men had changed him still more. Why did he survive the collapse of the castle? Why did his wife have to die? These were things he had pondered once as he raged against an indifferent universe. They had taken him. Modified his body, and had thus corrupted him by insulting the Unnamed Inventor. He was an unwilling tool of Corruption now.

The rain beat down roughly on his leather cloak. But he doesn't care. The toxic stew falling from the sky wouldn't affect his metal body even if it could eat through the mutant leather of his cloak. He looked again at the name inscribed on his corrupted arm. ‘Mycroft.’ That was the name of the Corrupter who walked in human flesh. She called herself Techia. But she was the corrupter. Spreading her evil doctrine of eternal life through man-made ‘improvements.’ He didn't know if she was directly involved in his corruption, but she was the inventor of the unholy body he found himself a prisoner of. He didn't even know how much of himself was still left under all of the metal implants.

He had a plan to redeem his soul from corruption though. He was going to kill the Corrupter in her weak, human flesh. He would end her, and save the souls of who knew how many future generations from corruption.

Punktrichter (as he now called himself) drudged through the filthy back ally way's of London. The polluted rainfall was flowing over his ankles, and various pieces of garbage bumped against his legs on their way to the drain. A human hand still wearing a fingerless glove floated past. It was quickly followed by a length of intestines. The water was starting to turn red now from blood. Down the ally a butcher was hunched over a dead body. As he watched it the creature buried its face into the dead woman’s belly, and savagely ripped out another chunk of viscera with its teeth. No. It was worse than that. The mutant held an unborn life clenched between its malformed jaws. This was not his land. And these were not his people. But this abomination was an affront to his sensibilities. He walked calmly to the creature, his metallic hands balled into fists of rage.

The creature hissed a warning at his approach. Its teeth were rotten and jagged. They leaned from its gums in all directions. Its eyes were a milky white. They had been eaten away by the rain even as the creature feasted. "Some say the mutation disease is a test from the Unnamed Inventor. A test for the faithful. Others say it is the work of the Corrupter. This I know. Corruption left untreated will only continue to spread. It must be stopped." The blind creature roared, and rushed at Punktrichter in a mindless rage. Punktrichter drove an open hand, fingers out, into the creatures face. He savagely ripped away the front of its skull, to reveal its deformed brain. As the creature scratched at his featureless helmet, he tore the brain loose and squeezed it to jelly in his hand. "You have been avenged." He told the poor dead woman as the lifeless butcher fell to the ground with a splash.

Like this corrupted human, the evil known as Techia would fall this night. It was a sign to encourage him on his holy mission.

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@wildvine: Haha, Was a fun read!! Had to include Techia, smart move ;)

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@anthony_stark said:

@wildvine: Haha, Was a fun read!! Had to include Techia, smart move ;)

Fun? Really? I was hoping for disturbed. But okay.

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Crud, couldn't get this one worked out in time. Maybe the next one.

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I want to lock this, but I'll wait till @pyrogram makes the voting thread...

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