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Humble Beginnings

Forager started out as a bug on the lower part of New Genesis. Bugs were believe to be humanoids who evolved from bugs and are considered lower beings by the New Gods. Forager proved this wrong and aided the New Gods severals times and became an ally.

During the first great war between the planets Apokolips and New Genesis, the forces of Apokolips spread destructive "micro-life" all over New Genesis. The "micro-life" evolved with incredible rapidity into beings of human size and humanoid form. These so called "bugs" lived in colonies beneath the surface of New Genesis, emerging to steal food stored by the "new gods" of the planet, who tried to exterminate the thieves, whom the gods regarded as sub-human.

Forager was one of the most successful of these food thieves. He had an inquiring mind as well as humanoid form, and questioned the ways of his colony and how they had evolved in the first place. Forager was encouraged in his questioning by the colony's Prime One.

Then Mantis of Apokolips organized various colonies to invade earth on behalf of Darkseid and the Prime One, about to submit ti ritual murder by the colony's ruler, the All-Widow, told Forager to warn Orion. Moreover, the Prime One said that Forager belonged with the "gods" and not the "bugs."

Forager exiting a Boom Tube

Forager escaped to earth via a " boom tube" and made contact with Orion and Lightray, then joined them in successfully thwarting Mantis' invasion. After that Forager became a regular ally of Orion against the forces of Apokolips.

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